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Creature Tracking for Exploration

With the growing amount of creatures, finding the ones we want is getting more difficult.

This tracking idea should be doable. To start, add a tracking button on the bottom as shown below on the lower left.


When you hit the button, our list of creatures comes up and we pick one.
Select Creature

If the creature is within say 500 to 700 meters we will get the distance of the creature from our position.

At this point, we start walking in the direction that makes the distance go down. If it is a hidden creature, it will show up when we are within 25 meters and we will earn a successful tracking credit.

If the creature disappears before we find it, we will get this message:

Of course if we select a creature that is not within 700 meters, we will get this message:

This would beat walking around aimlessly in great hopes we run into creatures we need and just because we could track one, it could be up to 700 meters away and there is a big chance it will disappear before we get to it. This would be a little extra work but would make hunting a lot more fun. When your really into wanting to get DNA for certain creatures, you’ll go the extra mile.


I really like this idea. For those of us long term players who now really only want specific DNA this would be a so helpful and get people out walking and hunting again.

I agree this would be fantastic

Yeah since many dinos on the map don’t actually show up until you’re in range, it would be nice to know which ones are close. As of now I’m unlikely to leave my home to go hunting for a specific dino. But if I knew where something I’m farming had spawned, I would be much more likely to leave and track it down.

great idea. i’m all for it. so many won’t go out (especially now) if they don’t know what’s there. i don’t really go on walks due to not knowing which direction to go for things. a lot of it is aimless walking, which makes some people a little bored.

as an addition to the idea, maybe a small alert could pop up while tracking your creature if say another of the same or a creature of higher rarity came into range and is disappearing soon. so a pop up with a timer so you know how long you have to reach it. you could accept to track that one instead or continue on your way.

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