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Creature updates 2.7


Hp: 4200
Dmg: 1200
Spd: 127
Armr: 50%
Critic: 20%

Woolly Rhino:

Hp: 4500
Dmg: 1150
Spd: 107
Armr: 10%
Critic: 5%


Hp: 4050
Dmg: 1450
Spd: 128
Armr: 0%
Critic: 30%


Hp: 3950
Dmg: 1050
Spd: 125
Armr: 0%
Critic: 20%


Hp: 4300
Dmg: 1150
Armor: 45%
Spdd: 112
Critic: 20%


Hp: 4050
Dmg: 1150
Spdd: 127
Armor: 15%
Critic: 5%


Hp: 3900
Dmg: 1350
Spdd: 131
Armor: 0%
Critic: 5%


Hp: 6000
Dmg: 1250
Armor: 0%
Speed: 104
Critic: 5%

this would be my list of creatures that I hope you take into account

Diplodocus is fine just use marsupial lion, andrewsarchus, thylacotator, and if suchotator has more health than diplodocus can do damage in two turns I think it can actually be a counter. If you think diplodocus makes tournaments unbalanced, all four of the creatures I mentioned are used a lot in tournaments. I agree indoraptor gen 1 needs a buff, it just isn’t as good as other uniques.

Diplodocus isn’t fine. It beats a lot of fierce that should counter it. This is a decent nerf to it that helps fierce to actually beat it while still letting Diplo have a unique position compared to Brachi.


I will just give diplodocus decelrating impact instead of Rampage, so she doesnt have bad turn 1