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Creature User Streotypes 2

Since everyone liked the first one so much, it’s time for a part two. Remember, if this doesn’t exactly describe you, don’t hate. This will include some lesser used creatures and some used ones I missed

Part 1:


Indoraptor users literally only use it because it’s one of their highest level creatures. I don’t understand why it’s a direct downgrade from its parent. Then you have the few that just use it because they liked it in the movie.

Spinoconstrictor users, I guess you can say they are very loyal. Their creature has always been underpowered, and has never received buffs despite the other 2021 uniques in its shoes getting them, but that doesn’t stop them from using the snake. While situational, it can be a great one.

Sarcorixis users are basically there because they weren’t aware a boost reshuffle was happening, or they did, and still kept the super croc boosted. These days, it’s much easier to kill than before.

Entelolania users have what their alternate counter-parts lack. Power. However, they also lack something their alternate counterparts have. Stun resistance. While fun to get that 6000+ devastation off, it can also be very frustrating when someone just swap in stuns you to negate it.

Magnapyritor users are very annoying if you lack any swap in damage. They’re, for some reason, always above the rest of their team besides the thor.

Quetzorion users have a couple different builds in mind: speed, or health. They never have much damage. They’re also used for two different reasons. Beating the crap out of cunnings, or cheap shotting your tanks at the end of the match, which may or may not make your opponents rage…

Pterovexus users are a rarer type of player, and it’s always surprising to see them. When you’re on ;ow health, first thing that comes to your mind: “Am I really going to lose to a pterovexus?”

Monolometrodon users, like sarcorixis users, are just remains of the past, but even easier to beat. I also don’t understand why it’s still a magna clone.

Tuoramoloch users… cringe. Cringey healer in pvp… Always takes a while to kill these things and it’s annoying, because WHY use a healer in pvp?

Stygidaryx users… aren’t there only like, 3 or 4 of them? Outside of that, daryx users probably think their creature is underrated, and love the thing have high speed and health just to always get that cleansing swoop. VERY RARELY will they ever get a lethal swoop, though.

Scorpius Rex users basically use it because, A, they don’t have the gen 3, B, they don’t like the idea of a gen 3, C, they like the idea of having 2 or 3 scorpius’ on their team.

Smilonemys users can be very annoying at times, and it’s always because of the consistent ways of making sure you can’t do crap to it and running into, what’s usually, a high damage ceramagnus or monolorhino.

Utarinex users. a once common breed, a now dying breed, thanks to the extra runners. They’re nowadays usually… just there. Let it be known that a 5000+ rampage and run can hurt, though, especially when paired with any previously mentioned swappers.

Diloracherius users are basically tuoramoloch users, but tougher or worse, depending on who you ask, and much rarer because, let’s be honest, who uses it anymore at all?

Phorusaura users have died down since delayed rampage and run. However, that instant rampage is still no joke. And they realize this. The smarter of them will usually have at least 2400 damage, while some… nitro them? Why?

And that’s all for this one! Coming up next, the lesser used of all time.


The reason I use this. Also great looks. Ironically I’m going for health and damage though.

Yup! I probably have raged because of a quetzalrion more times then I can count! Now a days, I don’t see it as much and it’s not as much as a pain.

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This is 100% me and yea, my utarinx is definitely a creature that drives my opponents mad!

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As a spinocon user I agree I’ve got way better creatures to replace him but I just love him so much even if he inevitably causes me to lose a lot


Quetzorion is a pain to fight with my team, so I guess it worked.

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Has slipped quite a bit but still one of my favorites

Yep. Perhaps constrictor one day has the well deserved buff. Perhaps he gets a raid ability

That is one of the problems quetz has. He should have much better attack for an exclusive

Yep but that problem is that many of the high tiers aren’t imune to dot wich gives vexus a small advantage considering he also has a ds move

Yep. Toura is sometimes a big pain. Although that problem is that he mostly has raid abilities wich seems odd considering paramoloch doesn’t actually have two heal moves

Yep stiggy has kinda vanished from the arena but same as vexus he has two dot moves wich gives him a slight advantage over most tiers

That could change with the upcoming resilients rework . It could mean dilora might become a high tier because hadrosaurs could get stunning moves back

Lol can’t lie thats me; just today I was at 0-2 then my rinex came in and got me with some help from Nemys a 3-2 victory

Yep gen 3 weren’t so well received but that’s mostly because players want more original creatures and not just clones

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Yep only started using him because of this . But we should be lucky rhinex doesn’t have a swap in ability since everyone of his family has one

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