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Creature User Streotypes

Firstly, don’t take this seriously. This is made for fun and don’t get mad if it doesn’t exactly describes you.

Secondly, I may leave some dinos off this list. This may be because they’re far too rare and/or don’t perform well despite being common (looking at indoraptor.)


Thoradolosaur users have one thing on their mind and one thing only- destroy. They’re pretty used to the hate they and/or their dino gets and don’t give any flips about what anyone says.

Trykosaurus users usually just spam their impacts and rampages. If you ask any of them they’ll tell you it’s an excellent opener.

Diorajasaur users are known for their annoying shield spamming. This makes them rather predictable, but that doesn’t mean they stop doing it.

Thylacotator users have the advantage of literally no one expecting them to show up. This can confuse players and leave them unprepared to deal with you.

Testacornibus users have the perk of literally no one knowing what it does. People try to swap on it a LOT and get trolled everytime.

Compsocaulus users are a pretty rare breed, but when they show up, they’re going to annoy you. I don’t know why Ludia gave them decel immunity, but they love to abuse this trait.

Ardentismaxima users are usually the stupider of the three long neck users because apparently they still think it’s the best sauropod or something. Half of them waste their rampages on what would obviously be a resilient strike moment. However, there are some legitimately smart maxima users out there.

Alloraptor users can be surprising and especially if you lack any swappers. They can easily sweep through team with little to no difficulty if given the chance.

Scorpius Gen 3 users LOVE to swap in on thors and trykos. It’s basically their prime meal. They’re annoying for many people and they realize that, that’s why they consider it so fun.

Hadros Lux users usually never use resilient strike, they basically like their spammable rampages, and who could blame them? That thing SERIOUSLY needs a nerf though.

Dracoceratops users try to keep it alive as long as they can to keep as many swaps going as possible. Unlike its hybrid, though, they don’t make much use of acute stun.

Mortem Rex users are basically thor users but worse or better, depending on which side you’re playing. A mortem can easily sweep a higher level team and put cunning creatures into swap range.

Monolorhino users love their nitro rhinos for a reason I don’t know. That can make them pretty hard to kill considering the thing already refuses to die in the first place.

Erlidominus users are basically inferior versions of the other therizinosaurid uniques, outside of that 40% crit they ALWAYS seem to get. Seriously, am I the only one that notices this?

Gorgotrebax users are the least common of all the currently available apexes. They don’t make arguments for it being a strong creature just to have people underestimate it and get whooped.

Geminititan users are basically what maxima users wish they were. They’re a lot smarter on average, and the distraction resistance comes REALLY in handy.

Dracoceratosaurus users are a bit of a weird case. They either flop hard or annoy you, depending on what they do. They’ll usually live to see another day between cleansing impact, acute stun, and their cunning moves, and really, that’s all they want.

Indominus users are usually underestimated, but let it be known that thing is far more dangerous than either of its hybrids. If you play wrong, you can even lose a hadros to it. That’s why I love this thing so much.

Skoonasaurus users are a bit of a unique playstyle from the other two unique sauropods that are really just clones of each other. A lot of people don’t see it coming, and, fun fact, they can synergize with scorpius really well so watch out trykos.

Dodocevia users have the benefit of hitting hard and running. With that, it’s arguably the best revenger in the game, and they’ll do everything they can do get a full damage alert decoy off you, even if they die in the process.

Tenontorex users absolutely love basically taking zero damage against underleveled long necks. Sometimes I question why a headbutting hadrosaur has just as much damage as the original tyrannosaurus.

Mammolania users absolutely love it when their opponent draws no fierce. It makes their opponents think it needs a nerf (even though it really doesn’t to be honest with you.)

Erlikospyx users love using the chicken against fierce at the last second. It sometimes makes the users question their life decisions.

Grypolyth users are usually fierce food for lower arenas, hence why you might see them only higher up on the leaderboard. But when they’re against tanks, they do their job the best. And they ESPECIALLY love dio.

Finally, Ceramagnus users are usually paired with max damage and are usually way harder to get rid of than you’d expect from a swapper, arguably moreso than the monolorhino. Also. NERF THIS THING ALREADY LUDIA.

And that’s it. I’ll probably make a part two. Remember, don’t take these seriously, it was only for fun. Leave some corrections for streotypes or stereotypes I didn’t go over, and with that, take care.


hey. thats only kinda true.


And spinoconstrictor users are thought to be extinct I presume lol
I love these, wonder what would be on part 2


You and me, hopefully.

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Diloracheirus users are- Wait, where are the Diloracheirus users?!


The Thylacotator…FACTS. I rarely meet someone who is prepared to deal with Tiddles the Death Cat


Entolania users: The complete opposites of mammolania. “Who cares about defence; attack, ATtack, ATTACK”


Entelolania Users: The best defense is an unstoppable offense (Laughs in 3000 attack nitro pig-tortoise).

Pterovexus Users: Extinct

Spinoconstrictor Users: Critically Endangered and absolutely refuse to leave their Noodlemus Prime behind.

Skoonasaurus Users: Usually brain-dead folks that go Rampage → Distract → Invincibility, but the intelligence threshold is just about as high as Gemini.

Utarinex Users: Speed an attack monsters that hit & run into a properly fed Magnus or Mhino.


Found one if that counts

The main reason why I love my Testacornibus, I get to, how do I say this, do a little trolling with my opponent in PVP battles.


Mine is on her way up


This is the exact reason I still have my Thor

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Wait til Entelolania users aka Tiddles the Tortoise stans join the fray XD


I replaced my Lvl 24 Max with Skoona against boosted Rixes. She’s a beast, Skoona.

I like these but can you please add a Poukan one, its probably the same as the spinocon one :joy: extinct

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Yep, I’ve never faced a poukan in battle, not even in tournaments, spinocons at least 3 in pvp and 2 in tourneys, but never an angry cassowary eagle

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Have you seen the recent datamine, I think one of the move changers is spinocons but datamines are not 100%.
Hoping that both angry bird and snake get a buff they both need it.
Sorry for the @ but I can’t get my replies to work


The @ things fine, according to my notifications u did reply to me, but either way it’s fine

And as for the datamine thing, I cant wait to see if this is true or not, there are quite a few creatures that could use a buff including the cassowary and I. My only hope is to have a spinocon when this possible buff occurs, on an alt or my main