Creature Variety - Mid Arena vs Top 5

I played 5 battles today and was curious the amount of variety in my range of play and then curious the difference in variety of the top 5 players.

I tend to battle the same creatures all the time with Indominus Rex as the usual first creature thrown out into battle.

Variety wise, I get to play against 1/3 more different creatures than the players in the top arenas. It was good to see some newer ones up there. I’m going to stay down where I’m at with over 100 different creatures I have to throw on teams.

Red are most used and seen in battle:
The green are the same creatures as top players use:

I made a team with the top 5’s top 8 creatures for tomorrow.
My Team 20200321

You realise with that team you won’t stay “down there” right? Apart from the fact that they hardly have anything to counter that team, they’re not used to battling those creatures either (as your own overview shows)…