Creature Vote Competition

Hey Y’all! I am back! And To Celebrate, I’m starting a creature voting thread. Anyone can join! @Irritator246 @HolyPoly1026

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Why Ain’t Anyone Replying?

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The topic’s been closed for a few hours. It’s also only been made 5 hours ago, so It’s gonna take a bit for people to join.

Hey :wave: (character)

what creatures do we have to vote from?


I am giving you till my cake day on here to create 3 creatures, 1 randomized hybrid and 1 randomized superhybrid. Just type, " I want to join @Albert_Bert!" And I’ll give you three random creatures and you fuse the first 2 into the hybrid and fuse the hybrid with the 3rd to make the superhybrid.

I want to join @Albert_Bert!

@HolyPoly1026 Your creatures are Albertosaurus, Carnotaurus And Velociraptor.

I want to join @Albert_Bert!

@Typhoon_Zach Your Creatures Are Suchomimus, Ornithomimus And Monolophosaurus.

You know you can add descriptions for the creatures that you make!

I usually don’t do that, because with the amount of creatures I have it would take ages to make descriptions for all of them. I only give them descriptions on special occasions, like with my favorite creatures.

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Okay! We just wait.

I think they should add cryolophasaurus and mix it with kentrosaurus to make cryollentrosaurus.

It’s ability’s would me resistant strike, group ferocity defense shattering impact, armor piercing strike and resilient impact. It would also have a defense shattering counter.

It would look like cryolophasaurus but have kentrosaurus’s spikes

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Can I join?

Can i join??

@Ryan_Samuel Your Creatures Are Dimorphodon, Gryposuchus And Argentavis

@Overkill_999 Your Creatures Are Dilophosaurus, Purussaurus And Haast Eagle.

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