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Creatures Beyond Level 40

So I had the idea of Creatures in JWTG to level up beyond level 40 but here’s when I want to make it more fun and challenging. I’ll make a special type of DNA called Double DNA which is required to make your first ever Level 50 Dinosaur but it also comes with a risk that the hybrid that it fuses with can be no longer made but can make a new hybrid that’s not it’s Levels 1-40 hybrid (that if it has a hybrid). This feature will not affect the opponent’s creatures they will stay as their Level 40 Models this will only affect the player’s. Also Double DNA like S-DNA and B-DNA (which I’ll call it D-DNA from now on) can be earned through missions. Different rarities have different costs of D-DNA required to make a Level 50 and here’s all of the prices of D-DNA for different rarities.
Common: 2,000 D-DNA (which is the cheapest out of all of them)
Rare: 4,000 D-DNA
Super Rare: 8,000 D-DNA
Legendary: 16,000 D-DNA (varies if VIP, Normal, or Limited Edition)
VIP: 32,000 D-DNA
Limited Edition: 1,000,000 D-DNA
So you have to work it to earn it but also I’ll be drawing Level 80 Creature Concepts starting off with Ostaposaurus also credit the person who took this screenshot.

That’s the same design as lvl 40… also I think that would make the game even more unbalanced… so I’m gonna have to disagree.


i disagree as well,it will be unbalanced.

with more spikes

Nope, an ostapo at lvl 70 has the exact same design as an ostapo at lvl 40

Ik but I would make a concept of a lvl 80 Ostapo