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Creatures Changes...{my opinion}

{Here are some creatures that i believe should be changed.And you?disagree or agree?}


Damage increase to 1425;“Greater Stunning Impact” becomes “Impact and Run”

{Now that she gained Immunity to stun, almost nothing can stop It}


Decrease damage to 1500; “Distraction Impact” becomes “Distraction Strike”

{Why is he so strong?}


increase Damage to 1275;“Minimal Sppedup Strike” becomes “Decelerating Strike” and “Swap in Rampage” becomes “Swap in Head Butt”

{The reason is obvious}


Damage increase to 1250; “Ferocious Strike” becomes “Extended Critical Strike”

{Why does it increase Damage and not the Critical?}


Loses “Immunity”;Receive “Swap in Slow” and Damage increase to 1675

{I don’t understand why you have Immunity}


“Evasive Stance” becomes “Sidestep” increase damage to 1625

{I think a shorter dodge would be better}


“Swap in Nullification” becomes “Counter-Attack with Nullification”; decrease HP to 4250 and “Long Protection” becomes “Short Defense”

{He is weak}


“Swap in Stun” becomes “Swap in Slow”; HP increase to 4200 and Damage increase to 1275

{I know Pachy should have stun,but not “Swap in Stun!”


Decrease HP to 3750

{She is Strong}


“Swoop” becomes “Lethal Swoop”; Nullification Impact becomes “Nullification Rampage”;HP decrease to 3900 and Damage decrease to 1050

{The worst Unique i’ve ever seen}


“Short Defense” becomes “Long Protection”

{Worst Hybrid}


Increase Damage to 975

{He is weak}

•Spinosaurus Gen2

“Strike” becomes “Precise Strike”;HP increase to 4125

{He is weak}


“Nullification Strike” becomes “Distraction”;“Distraction Impact” becomes “Nullification Impact” ; Damage increase to 1350 and 5% CRIT becomes 10% CRIT

{I think It would make sense}


“Lethal Wound” becomes “Gashing Wound”;“Nullification Impact” becomes “Nullification Rampage” and Damage increase to 1125

{He’s too strong for a rare Hybrid}


I don’t think you can replace a primary move with a secondary one (in the case of spino GEN 2)

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Maybe…i’ll think a little more about it!

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I think the most valid option would be “strike” for “minimal wounding strike”

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I disagree with most of those. I like the way most of the creatures are now, and a lot of those suggestions are nerfs. But Vexus could use your rework.


Is Precise Strike a secondary move? If Definite Strike isn’t, I don’t see why it should be.

he modified it, when he first posted the thread he wanted to switch “strike” for “gashing wound”

I see. Never mind then.

plus, precise strike isn’t a thing… thankfully

I agree with the improvements for the Spinosaurus, they are quite weak in the current game, especially Gen 1

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I added the justifications of why they should change!