Creatures for jwa

Fasolasuchus(Common)New animation set, for the food animation I thought a goat trots into frame and the Fasolasuchus /Saurosuchus sees it lunging at the goat like amphicyon it chews it then slams it on the ground and pulls a piece out and swollowing it)


Saurosuchus(Epic) New animation set/Same as Fasolasuchus/Same colors as the dinosaur revolution Saurosuchus(for the play animation I was thinking a tire rolls in and the Fasolasuchus /Saurosuchus jump on the tire then the tire falls and the Saurosuchus is thrown to its back, it rolls over jumps back to the starting point)



Saurosuchus+Dilophosaurus=Saurolophis(Legendary) New animation set same as Saurosuchus/A Saurosuchus with a frill and a crest(Red and black color scheme, Saurosuchus animation set)

Gastornis + Dracovenator= Gastovenater( legendary, Feathered Dracovenator with a Gastornis bill)

Megalosuchus + Saurolophis= maxilla maxima(Apex)Saurosuchus animation set(A Saurolophis with the thick hide of megalasuchus, it does loose the color and becomes a grey and black color)

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I know a lot of crocodiles but there aren’t a lot of them in game

Me sitting here praying that ludia sees this and at least
Add the Saurosuchus and it’s hybrid

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