Creatures frequently escaping


Why are so many creatures escaping encounters lately? I’ve found it’s not just the birds, though they suffer from this problem even more.
It happens for various kinds of creatures for me, even those that don’t move that fast.

Having the extra time you get via VIP lost to a creature escaping doesn’t feel great.

I don’t really understand why this is a mechanic in the game at all. Is there something we can do to stop a creature escaping, or is it just random and there to add some kind of artificial suspense to encounters?
Having the creatures turn and speed up is enough on its own.

More than Alanqa Escapes

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For some reason the latest update has sent dino’s running for cover. I have 50% battery and i’m right over the dino but still get the fled message.
This is not just weeklies but bog basic captures like eino!
Something is wrong somewhere?