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Creatures in need of a hybrid

I can really only think of a few creatures that need a super hybrid but let me know if any other creatures need a super hybrid.

  1. Alloraptor
  2. Dimodatylus
  3. Ermoceras
  4. Brontalasmus
  5. dodocevia
  6. Edaphocevia
    These are 6 that I can think of so let me know if you can think of any others.

I made a hybrid for the new albertosuar and argentavis

what are the hybrids?

The albertovantis is the only one currently ill send you a photo

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I like the idea however I think it has to many resistances for an epic


Ok I’ll change them

Yea it’s kinda OP

Plus troodon and agentavis have no hybrid so i made this


I agree with overkill, a few less resistances and considering it has 3 1x attacks it could comfortably have a bit more health.

What do you think?

And if that weren’t enough I also created another hybrid using agentodon


I love the concept. Striking eye is an interesting move. If anything I would say give striking eye a distraction, and maybe have it cleanse speed reduction since no creatures in the game have that.

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I made this for fun

Being honest I fell gamma needs a hybrid

But i think the name is cool :sunglasses:

what is the Yutyrannus.