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Creatures in scents changing

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Bug Description: I run an epic scent and got a Mono gen 1 and secondonto. I (accidentally) dart seco first. After doing so, mono has become a deinochirus.

Area is was found in: Map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Run scent
Step 2 - press creature to start drone
Step 3- dart creature
Step 4 - return to map and find other creature is different
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: It’s happened twice on 2 different scents

What type of device are you using: Galaxy S7

Anything else? This has happened with creatures of the same rarity too.I was farming sarco on a croc scent and got 2 sarcos. I darted one, and when I went for the other, it was a nundasuchus.
This should be taken care of because while I have a few bucks saved up from my older tournament days, many people do not and may eventually save up for an epic scent, only for an epic to become a useless majungasaurus, and that is not worth 1000 bucks

Dude that sucks. This should be fixed ASAP

It’s not the end of the world as I only lost a mono, but if I were to get 2 Woolly rhinos and one of them became a stigy gen 2, I would be pissed

This always happens from day one.

In fact if you chuck out a Giga scent, and you just get a couple of lame commons, you can simply just go into your Dinodex, tap on a creature and come out to the map, or go in to a sanctuary, tap on a creature, not do anything then go back to map and there’s a likely chance one or both of them have changed, and possibly to something better.

While neat (on the giga scent part), this issue should be fixed because I’m planning on using a couple epic scents for rhino, and I don’t want my epics changing to commons

Yeah I understand, but it’s not just “neat” on the Giga part. I once got two Carbonbemys at the same time from a Giga, I darted one and the other changed.

Just pointing out that this is nothing new, that’s if Ludia cares to read this anyway.

@Ned, would you kindly report this to the big guys, especially with the keratoporkus pursuit (which has rhino) coming up soon

I tried as you said, the two dinos from the scent stayed the same.

I didn’t say it happens every time. You throw out a giga scent and just keep trying it each time they spawn you’ll see it happen eventually, and happens more than you’d realise.

If you get 2 spawn and try it and they stay the same then trying again immediately will make no difference, wait 2 minutes until the next lot spawn. It’s happens with me all the time.

It’s only more notice able when you get 2 spawn though, which is why i suggest trying it with Giga, because it can happen when you dart one and the other changes.

Yeah this has literally been here since scents were introduced. And reported many times. I’ve had both double brachis and double Sinos change on me before. Had some good for me changes as well.

Can’t imagine at this point Ludia is still unaware.

For them it’s most likely an interesting rng mechanic.

It doesn’t happen every time, but it does

Hello @ElEduardo. Could you recall the time of the day when this happened? Did you notice this during transition periods of the day, such as between dawn to day, day to dusk and so on, or does this occur all times of the day?

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It was clearly say for the sarcos (10 am) and it was night time (9 PM) for the monos. It was not what you were referring to, as the mono changed RARITY. If it were to change due to time of day, rarity wouldn’t change

Also, this wouldn’t matter on the croc scent, as only x amount of creatures should spawn, no matter the time of day

If you read the rest of this topic you’d see we’ve already explained WHEN and HOW it happens.

The team is now looking into this. Thank you!

Thank you very much