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Creatures Ive gotten in the past month (tell me what you think)

So one day I was walking with my friend and he said “hey you have unlocked a lot of creatures you can make a lot of hybrids!” so I said ill think about it and up to this month has been one of the most succesful in the world 1st I got tropeogterus, then I got tapejalosaurus, then I got stegoceratops, then I got ankylodocus, then I got labyrinthodontia unlocked finnaly, and made labyrinthosaurus, then I got bonitasaura unlocked then Im getting a utahraptor unlocked, and i also unlocked theri. then yesterday I got a diplotator in modded, in the two past tournies, I finished hunter and got 2 aerotitans, and 2 metriorhynchuses, and I also got a suchomimus in rarity rumble! I also got the omega and unlocked quetzalcoatlus!! Now im working on ophiacomimus and getting maxed the creatures I lost due to the hybrids and zhejiangopterus lvl 20, anky lvl 20, diplodocus lvl 30, tapejarjar, lvl 20, mono lvl 10, still havent gotten tropeognathus back becase Im lazy, stego lvl 10 and I also got an unaysaurus from rarity rumble! Then in the lythornax tournie I got hunter (like always) and I unlocked microposaurus!!! I also got a lvl 20 spino, and so that lill concurr. What I have gotten, in the past month…
To be continued…


Very good, good spirit tho if you continue so you will have a lot of improvements


now Im trying to max out the creatures I lost making the hybrids

This has been probably the best month for me

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have you got the meat eater you wanted.

ostafrikasaurus? no. I missed it

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i have some ostafrika … if i had an option to give dinos :sneezing_face:

yeah. And I even have microposaurus unlocked!!

lol sorry you missed him. Hopefully you can unlock him at a later date. Right now I would maybe work on super koolaid with you want a pretty good amphibian

no sarco


Is he one of your best amphibians? And can you make more of him?

Do want I do and look at the events that are coming, and I am very sorry.

Sarco is a locked creature. The only way to get it is getting lucky in events.

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It’s not. Some players who got it from the Battle Stage before the reshuffle in November 2019 have it unlocked. Unfortunately, we Post-Reshuffle players don’t.

I know, I ment locked as in not currently unlockable.

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