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[Creatures] Jurassic World Alive | Gen 2

Gen 2 Creatures

To create dinosaurs, Jurassic World scientists collect several different samples of prehistoric creatures. Once cloned in Jurassic World laboratories, these different samples sometimes produce markedly different versions of the same species. Often, the creatures have different colors and behaviors. Usually, one of the two types of the species will be more resilient to certain environments, causing them to be more common in the real world than their counterparts. They will also have different responses to conflict and hunting behaviors. This has led Jurassic World scientists to believe the differentiation in the clones may be the result of regional adaptations in the original creatures, or potentially even undiscovered sub-species that developed out of life in different ecosystems. This is not clear, however, and we need more research in the lab to find out more about these creatures and their evolution!


So the moral of the story is to ‘dart all Gen 2 dinosaurs’ because later in the game ‘research scientists’ may find a future evolutions for them (ooh I love a bit of back-story). Game on. Happy darting!

What Gen 2 dino combinations would you like to see?


Translation: we needed to pad the dino roster out with recolors and we came up with this explaination

Jokes aside, this is pretty neat little trivia. I like Gen2s though I wish more of them had hybrids.

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Erlikosaurus has the best Gen 2 ever! Just sayin’


Yes. It is one of my main team players.


Ditto (mine’s a L15 so far) They’re fantastic Raptor counters and T-Rex destroyers, but you’ve gotta know how to play them and when to switch them in. Erlikosaurus G2 moveset is awesome!


If they did a Carnotaurus gen 2, I want it to be an epic

I would actually prefer anthor common dino, so i would want gen 2 carnotaurus to be a common.

Personally I’d rather we didn’t have G2 dinosaurs. I’d much prefer it if got new animals.

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