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[Creatures] Jurassic World Alive | GEN 3

Yep. But we don’t got so many gen 2s so i don’t think we won’t get that many gen 3s unless they’re making a update where all creatures get gen 2s

But Gen 3s are inherently worse because each one necessitates a Gen 2 as well

Yep. I too want more original creatures than just clones

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The only g3 i want is spino g3 with realistic model, other than that i would rather they add something new and fresh species


Honestly (I’ve said this before), but I think that the Gen 3’s are going to be like the old Chaos Effect creatures like the Euoplocephalus from that line. Basically, they’re lazily-named hybrids.

Here we go again Memes


I’m taking that.