Creatures of bio dome

@Ludia_Developers this quest need rework or my acc is cracked or Something like that. Last week 6 approaches for round one 6 time lost cause opponent always does the opposite of me. My creatures are double as strong as my opponent. Hello? Seems to me that system wants money :rofl: wont get it. In fact it is only the bio dom on monday… The other i am rushing through …

Post some screenshots of your lineup and your opponents

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Here they are

Panochthus, Brontotherium, Hyaenodon

Round 1 - Attack. You’re not going to do much damage, but this will encourage the AI to swap to the Archaeophicyon.
Round 2 - Block 1, Reserve 1
Round 3 - Reserve 4
After that, the AI will probably kill the Panochthus. If it doesn’t, wait until you have a clean shot and swap the Brontotherium in to kill Archaeophicyon.
Use the Caverns to kill the Snows

Your lineup is a little unbalanced. You’ve got those level 20 VIPs with nothing to go with them. Those 7, and maybe Arctodus, are having to carry the load through all four rounds


Give me what i dont have …

Wow! A lot of those could help your lineup

Not enough to help in higher range cause too low life and dmg

Both megaloceros and indricotherium make a strong hybrid I would work to get indricoceros if I were you.

Also fuse your archeaotherium and amphicyon.

The legendaries while weak are still useful, uintatherium has really high health so can be used to build reserve, marsupial lion has great attack and I still use andrewsarchus in events too

Well red color is not my Problem. Mega i will start tomorrow.lion i am not sure if i can do him. Well than i have to stop eastafrican. Cause i am workung right now on pachyceratops. My next hybrid dino. Need more green hitters. Btw my line ups and cards maybe some more ideas?


Your jurassics pretty balanced, I would just continue adding more tourneys to your lineup.

Or to work on your aquatics and cenos to beef them up for any upcoming tournaments

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Its good to hear that i didnt do everything wrong :grin: what you mean with tourneys?

Tourneys = tournament legendaries

Thats why i am doing pachy. After that i wanted to make ostapo

legendaries make a difference

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Even super rares, op first battle could have been won with amphicyon, elasmotherium, megistotherium