Creatures re-adjustment (Uniques)

Indoraptor (Unique) : “Armor Piercing Rampage” becomes “Precise Armor Piercing Rampage”.

Phorurex (Unique) : Remove “Stunning Obstruction” & add “Alert Rending Lockdown”

Skoonasaurus (Unique) : Reduce CRIT from 20% to 5% and remove the 50% Damage Reduction Resistance

Adrentismaxima (Unique) : Add 50% Damage Reduction Resistance

Testacornibus (Unique) : Remove the 67% Stun Resistance

Let me know what you think and feel free to add your ideas as well while we are at it


No. To all of it. You all need to stop already. It is what it is. Take the loss and move on.


Especially as pho needs rebuffing somewhat if anything, not another nerf, gets taken out by pretty much most unique cunnings and fierce plus even some legendaries now.


I would say the change to pho is more of a nerf than a buff. In my opinion stunning obstruction is a lot more useful since it allows phorurex to come in with a revenge kill. Also the removal of stun resistance from testa is not needed at all. That would just be ignoring it’s ancestory, skoona on the other hand needs distraction resistance to keep the flocks under control.

-I agree with pho’s change, If you look at ingredients It makes more sense to have the swap in instead of on escape.
-Not sure about indo, It needs a full rework to be useful, maybe even getting a revenge move like indom
-For skoona, that is supposed to be an anti cunning tank, having 5% crit is a good nerf, but I don’t think that removing distraction resistance is a good Idea. Rather than removing distraction resistance, I’d keep that as It is but change the full counter to a medium decelerating counter and give restricted group distraction a cooldown of 2 again.
-For testa, I wouldnt change the stun resistance (and it’s actually 67% now), but I would remove Lockdown resistance completely(currently 33%) as resilients shouldn’t be able to escape fierce creatures any time they want
-I agree with Ardentismaxima getting 50% distraction resistance, it’s the worst of the towers and mediocre, so a small buff wouldn’t hurt


nevermind. the roadmap is about engagement and invest.

why bring back creatures people already maxed?

the endless move is design new ones and new abilities, old creatures go to archive.

it’s just business.

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Why does the first thing people always is assume is personal gain behind the suggestions? I DO NOT use these creatures! 3 of them are LV21 and one is not even unlocked! I’m just saying that some creatures are ridiculously strong & other are absurdly weak, all while some nerfs and adjustments that was made didn’t even make sense.

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nope to the lot except max…he needs alot of love

Well, if you go with the argument that creatures should have same abilities and resistances as their fuse parents, then why does Testa have heal counter and heal on escape? It had the heal on swap in and it was removed, but I’m sure if that the current was removed and reversed it back to only swap in heal that would upset a lot of people, not to mention that it wouldn’t make sense anymore that the Apex bear have Counter heal and heal on escape then. Same can be said for Skoona whom fuse parents had the medium resilient counter and it had it too until it was removed by the even more overpowered decelerating counter, and the reason I wanted the 50% damage reduction resistance removed is due to that counter, because it is too much damage on a sauropod that also has 30% Armor & lot of other resistances.


But people still go with the argument that Indoraptor is the easiest unique hybrid to build, so it is a small buff that doesn’t really hurt that much, but at least would allow it to do some damage against Cloakers and the inferior Indoraptor Gen2

Well i never heard of a medium decelerating counter before, I assumed the only alternative was either completely removing it or remove the resistance and I chose the latter but it is debatable so long that a Sauropad that has 30% Armor & tons of resistances isn’t able to do that much damage.

It is still frustrating to take it down unless you already have a fierce creature in the battlefield before it gets its devastating attack ready, so I assumed that also having no stun resistance would give an advantage to swappers like W.Rhino or Scorpius Rex Gen 3 and so on

I’m able to beat Ardentismaxima with a flock creature that is lower than it in level, can you imagine that? couldn’t agree more with this statement.

What about new players like me who doesn’t even bother to unlock and build these creatures and just focus on the new one? The gameplay doesn’t revolve around the old player base

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Care to elaborate more on why should the rest not change?

Debatable, Stunning Obstruction can be somewhat of a weakness, if the opponent is able to swap out, not be stunned and have a counter attack. but the idea is to make the creature more relevant to its fuse parent (Dracorex Gen2) and give players a chance to swap out and defend themselves somehow against the Instant cunning rampage, and having the Alert Rending lockdown is interesting because it will make Phorurex a flexable creature that can do swap in attack, deal big hit then try to escape and doing it again, all while still giving the opponent a fighting chance to avoid all this.

I personally don’t care much about It being easy to make, I think all superhybrids + should be end game relevant refardless of how easy or hard It is to make. Sure, some could be stronger than others but having loads of ( especially old creatures) being completely irrelevant is just bad for variety. And it’s not like Ludia is that consistent with the rarity strength rule. In any case, I don’t really disagree with your buff, it’s just that I don’t think It would be enough to make indo usable, It would probably need a full rework.

Well, a medium decelerating counter does indeed not exist yet, but there’s no reason Ludia can’t create one as other type of medium counters already do. When It comes to buffs/nerfs/reworks we can be as creative as we want. The reason I don’t agree with removing distraction resistance is the same reason you decided to give Maxima the same resistance. They are both part resilient creatures that should have an advantage over cunning creatures. What should be fixed on skoona is the too high damage output It has for such a bulky creature. It can do so much damage that It can sometimes 1 shot a fierce creature, so giving It a medium decelerating counter instead of full would nerf the high damage output. The one resistance I would remove completely is the lockdown resistance, It shouldn’t be able to run away everytime It faces a grypo or an alberto. Also, having distraction available every other turn gives It too much advantage over fierce creatures, hence giving It the original 2 turn cooldown. Removing distraction resistance doesn’t really help fierce creatures. The key here is that It shouldn’t defeat fierce creatures, but it’s totally fine If It defeats cunning creatures. Balance decisions should be made with those intentions in mind.

Well, I’m not opposed to nerfing it’s stunning resistance a little, but I don’t think It should be 0, but 50% would be fine by me. I just thought that removing Lockdown resistance is more important since It helps fierce creatures to reliably keep It locked down when they have no escape or similar abilities. Far too many resilient creatures have this get out of jail free card when they shouldn’t.

First off I never even mentioned anything about abilities having to be the same although resistances should not be ignored. Also testa has both swap in heal and on escape heal pre 2.0 and has been nerfed pretty hard already over the updates. Skoona is getting indirectly nerfed with more and more counters coming. Why it has a full counter I can not answer because that is just ludia being ludia.

Pho beats both unique fierce and it’s part fierce so cunnings should be beating it anyways. Why does legendaries beating it matter? Literally every unique is beaten by one or more legendaries. Having lower tier counters doesn’t make something bad. Gorgotrebax still hard loses to glyptodon but that doesn’t make it bad

Anyways phorex does not need a change, losing the on escape makes parathops 5x more insufferable

I like your way of thinking, but there are so many examples of why this rule is broken when you consider fierce creatures that has resistances against damage reduction, or cunning creatures that has resistances against speed reduction and so on,

Skoona however is not suppose to be completely vulnerable to fierce creatures, rather Fierce & Resilient mix, such as Grypolyth, Tryko & so on, but the fact that it still does too much damage has to be addressed.

& yes I believe that most if not all resilient creatures including unique ones should lose their Swap Prevention resistance, so that they can be more vulnerable to swap in DoT or rending attacks (Fierce strategies) but now we hear that Fierce creatures will have a healing mechanic (Devour) so in a way the rule is still getting broken and we will keep seeing more and more diverse creatures with resistance and abilities that doesn’t suit its class


Excet it no longer does? Christ even thor beats pho more often than not at the moment.

Unless the phorex plays like hot trash it’s not losing. Thor gets easily THKO’d by DS-CCR while only getting half an impacts worth of damage in. If you don’t have CCR you can do the extremely tricky thing of clicking sidestep turn 2 to stall out for CCR. And if for some reason you don’t have CCR or CSS up, just lethal rampage and run since it’s impossible to have them all on cooldown :man_shrugging:

You clearly havent faced arena (aviary) thors which all have about 20 speed boosts, meaning that while their first hit (after you go priority) may only take around half your heath, you then get hit by its priority stun right after. Likewise allino. Yes, one option is to jet-propel your pho, which then renders it next to useless against anything else.