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Creatures rework

just post the creatures you think need a rework : ) soon I will upload dinosaurs ideas : P
you can put all rarities you can do it in JWA toolbox

So you know what dinos are going to be released in 1 month. 2—-3—-4??? Really??? Let us in so we can understand your rework? And we all know what to look for……

To many people want changes with no clue what is coming. Like toura, completely useless except for raids, but a complete king there.

Thanks, but no thanks, pretty sure Ludia has a plan that is a year plus away. Counters to any Dino Dino every one wants a rework for.

  1. Quetzorion :
    Damage increased to 1250
    Long invincibility becomes group instant invincibility

  2. diloracheirus :
    Cunning strike becomes goup cunning strike
    Cunning impact becomes cunning rampage

  3. Testracorbonius :
    Superior vulnerability strike becomes group superiority strike

  4. Indoraptor gen 2 :
    Distracting impact becomes armor piercing impact

  5. Spinoconstrictor :
    Basal Health gets increased by 200
    Damage increase to 1100
    Distraction becomes preciese strike
    Instant distraction becomes leathal wound

  1. Rinchenia :
    Rampage and run becomes cunning rampage

  2. Compsognathus :
    Gets hop and mock

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Quetzorion needs more damage than that tho. Right now its base damage is 1450.

Yep but it’s unlock damage should be 1200


Family reworks

  1. Hadrosaurs :
    Hadrosaurs get stuns back

  2. Sauropods :
    All sauropods get 10 % armor

3 . Elephants :
All elephants get group decelerating moves

  1. rhinos
    Taunt moves become superior moves

The closest you can get to 1200 at lvl 21 is 1550 dmg at 26 which i think is just a wierd buff

The 2nd one is just a dumb nerf, we need more creatures with GI, but not by directly nerfing orion in pvp (LI is like it’s main thing), maybe the same move it has now but also gives it’s teamates 1 turn 1 attack invincibility?

1 is a nerf in the only strat it’s actualy used in, it should have the same strike trebax has

2 But it has cunning impact… not CR, plus it should be a distracting healer not a group hitter.

But testa has superior vulnerability… not SDS, maybe group superior vulnerability?

Thats a nerf in raids, would preffer a shatering rampage/impact if we’re trying to actualy buff it in pvp

Sometimes i get confused with dilora and crobonius moves. Perhaps group cunning stike is better than accelerateing strike. Don’t know about other changes to make on quetz. Not sure if indo gen 2 would get a ds move after it was removed in the first place

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no u can rework some creatures in the game so they are better or not to OP

no need its fine as it is

it already has hop and mock

Ok. Then compy is ok

Indoraptor Gen 2

Some more ideas :

  1. Antarctovenator :
    Speed increase to 112

  2. Tenontorex :
    Distracting impact becomes group distracting impact

  3. Indoraptor :
    Cunning strike becomes group cunning strike
    Armor piercing changes to ds

Did post this on another page but I might aswell add it here. Thoughts?