Creatures suggestion: Torosaurus and Torosuchus

Torosaurus would be a very great tournament creature in JW the game.
Class: Herbivore
Rarity: Tournament
HP: 2500
ATK: 1250
Ferocity: 6500
Coins: 299403/14H

Evo 1: This ceratopsian lived in the Late Cretaceous Period 70 million years ago.

Evo 2: If it’s found that the Torosaurus is actually a full-grown triceratops, then its name would cease to exist! InGen would counter this when they designed and resurrected the torosaurus.

Evo 3: Possessing large openings in it’s frill, torosaurus means “Perforated lizard.”

Evo 4: The spikes and beak of InGen’s torosaurus will grow longer and stronger with age.

Torosaurus + Plesiosuchus = Torosuchus
Class: Herbivore
Rarity: Tournament
HP: 12345
ATK: 3779
Ferocity: 24437.8
Coins: 831847/12H

Evo 1: Torosuchus means “perforated crocodile.”

Evo 2: Because of a genetic error, the torosuchus did not inherit the horns from it’s ancestor, the torosaurus. But don’t be worried! The Torosuchus makes up for this with it’s spiked crest-like frill used for both offense and defense!

Evo 3: The torosuchus is smaller than the torosaurus, weighing at 7,395 to 9,000 pounds, 19 feet in length, and stood 5 to 6 feet tall! However, it is barely able to swim and cannot survive underwater due to it’s bulk.

Evo 4: A fully grown torosuchus will have tougher armor and it’s frill gets bigger and deadlier.


We need some Amphibian Hybrids first and Torosaurus sounds good because it appeared in Jurassic Park Buillder.


That sounds like a good idea @Procoptodon!

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Yeah as we need more Amphibians at this rate.


A bit too good. This is indoraptor stats. I’d say it should be around 10,000 hp and 3500 atk


You know @Indoraptor08, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’ll balance the stats.

They should also add Carcharadontasaurus form JPB


Yes as it is a celebrity.

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Like I said on another topic, I think they should add all of the dinosaurs from Jurassic World Evolution. It’s a very good game with a lot of dinosaurs that Jurassic World The Game could use.

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Everyone who sees this notification, the torosaurus and torosuchus topic has been updated! Check it out to see their evolutions and facts!

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Please do Varanus Priscus next.

Note: Varanus Priscus is the new name for Megalania.

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Still way too powerful. It’s just another gorgosuchus, a little upgrade. Something like 7k health and 4.5k-5.5k attack