Creatures suggestions competition part 2

So sorry part 1 is closed because I have type rude words to @ScorpiosrexG3 I’m sorry and now is no unfair rule because nobody listened to me why I make these rule from part 1 (I’m sad :cry: nobody understands and listen to me) everyone send ur creatures that’s ur creates

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I forgive you


Thanks u forgive me

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Just treat others the way you want to be treated

Ok friends

The new Dino’s I want are :-

  1. Guanlong - common. Local 4 anytime.
  2. Ostafrikasaurus - Epic. School(Nest). Arena 11 non exclusive incubator rewards.
  3. Tapejara- Epic. Arena 11 exclusive.
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I want ostafrikasaurus too


Why is Branktrosaurus so busted? 70% armor, 50% crit, 2k damage, tons of very random immunities, super random signature move, and an unnecessary SISS. It should be similar to it’s ingredients, not a mess of stats and resistances thrown together.


Its a mess indeed. Lol

Btw, why does your avatar remind me of SmallAnt?


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It’s the PFP of SmallAnt Vods’ channel lol

You are being WAY, WAY to hard on yourself

Well, that’s makes a lot of sense.:rofl:


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This is wrong in so many ways…


Ok heres the plan. do what ever you guys want. NO negativity

You should create velociraptor lux and indo rex lux

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It does not need to be similar and it is not important and this is my custom creature so you should not say this

Then I think it’s a same team.

True, and you don’t need to change it based on what others say, but many would prefer it was based more off it’s ingredients and made with balance in mind, not just something so… odd

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