Creatures suggestions competition

hi everyone welcome to this topic
Everyone can send ur creatures that u create it with jwa toolbox
1Creature that’s send can not Resist Damage over time 50%+ Creature cannot resist stun less than 100% Creature cannot resist swap prevention less than 100% Creature cannot Resist or immune taunt Creature cannot ressist or immune rend
2 the Creatures that’s send cannot very op or very bad using
3use ur skills or ability or counter or swap in or on escape abilities that
ur create by ur self

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Should be wildcard

The rules say no overpowered creatures. I’m pretty sure something that instantly kills you with just its counter is broken, let alone everything else.


creature cannot resist or immune tuant

cannot resist stun less than 100%

@HolyPoly1026 i mean u cannot send creature that u create that is too op

there are a lot of creatures that kill with counters - indot

So a creature that instantly kills with its counter every turn, has more than double Mortem Rex’s damage, has higher health than Ardentismaxima, has the highest critical hit chance in the game, has the same armor as Carbonemys, and can regain all of its health back in one move, isn’t overpowered? Heck, Indotaurus’s counter can’t even oneshot a foe, even if Revenge Taunting Cloak is used. That creature is guaranteed to oneshot the foe with its counter alone and doesn’t need cloak. Seriously, name one creature that can beat it.

I have quite a few. If i’m only allowed to enter one, i’d like to enter Carnosaurolophus Lux. If not, enter em all lol

I made sure to enter some fusion epic’s for some easy wins for others since i’m entering alot of bois

You dont give freedom to anybody.So its not fair.

ok sorry but creatures that’s everyone send in many topic is unfair
So this is why i made that rules so sorry if u want to changes some rules i this topic
i am glad to hear that

i am not western so stop