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Creatures that could be added


As you are going to add mammals🤢 And other not Dino things, could you consider adding:
Terror Birds

And maybe other interesting prehistoric animals?
Oh, and add Yutyrannus.


Thing is Cenozoics don’t work
We need Triassic creatures
Where’s the love for Coelophysis that’s never made it into a game, yet it should be famous for the fossil find


I dont like mammals, BUT if we are lucky then Yutyrannos and Troodon could make the cut. Pls i love the fluffy little raptor.


I’d love to have Yutyranus too. Also, since Dimetrodon, Ophiacodon and Secodontosaurus are already on the game, why not add some other synapsids as well. Inostrancevia (a gorgonopsid) and Estemmenosuchus (Dinocephalia) come to mind.


I see Gorgo getting a hybrid ?

Gorgo becomes a cat ?


Gorgasaurua and Smiladon


I think they could make it work!
Make smilodon a fast bleeder and nullefyer
Glyptodon a slowing tank
Titanoboa a fast and maybe suffecating creature?
A mammoth can be a health tank with piercing attacks, and decelerating impact
They could even make new cenzoic attacks!
Now Im exited!


If they give Titanaboa an equivalent of the Pokémon move wrap , preventing swap our and dealing damage at the end of the turn that could be cool


It has the potential to be a good update in my opinion, so just wait a few more hours to see the patch notes


I love Troodon, I hope it makes it to the game