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Creatures that I think need... a redesign

So, I thought what I could start doing was doodle all the creatures in… the way I view them to be better. I’m not gunna mess with the stats and things… not my job.
I know people have done this before, but I’m gunna try and do every creature in the game… Not all at once! it’ll probably take me a year or so if I’m honest, might be gone by then. :wink:
Just something I and others can do here if they want, out of boredom.

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The spiky cow (carnotarkus) could have looked better than it does.


i would personally like a more movie accurate looking indominus rex




That’s because they were. Allos were more lightly built


Touramoloch… right now, its Legendary component (Paramoloch) is way better than the unique version, having completely different set of skills (better, including insta-stun)… nonsense.

Not to mention Stygidarix and Pterovexus…

And Ardentismaxima as well (even though probably a slight buff would be enough).

These 4 uniques need to be revisited.


But For Something That Was 4 Meters Tall I Don’t Think It Was So Skinny…

And Comparing Allo Gen 2 With Allo Common, Gen2 Is Far More Robust

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I will admit the new Allo design is significantly better but Allo was a runner and both designs reflect that well


Carnotarkus more spiky, smilocephalosaurus less rat , pachy animation, dsungaia needs to fatten up, dimodactylus look more like tupan and dimorph


Diplodocus the real one had a much longer neck and tail.



I had a weird suspicion this one would come up, lol.

But I will just start at A and work my way through the alphabet, I guess. I will take things from here in mind though! :wink:

Yeah it had lighter bones allowing it run faster.

I’ve got grown to like the Dsungaia design. Strange and odd looking, but that is something one should expect when scientists fuse the DNA of a creature with wings with one that doesn’t. You get a face that ain’t all there. But it looks nice.


Well, I’m gunna get to work, I’ll post my first redesign in a little while!

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It’s not just that its face ain’t all there, the rest of it isn’t there either. Dsungaia is weirdly wispy cor a stego relative.

Except for the mouth I like the design. It stands out and is unique while still being believable

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in my opinion to complement need also be redone in unreal engine 4