Creatures that I will never create and my possible final team

Yesterday night I analyzed the 16 creatures that I still do not have and I separated them among those that I will surely never create (except change the dynamics of the game a lot) and those that I will create. With this, it is almost clear what my final team will be in the game.

I will never create

Allosinosaurus: Incompatible with Utasinoraptor and Utarinex.
Erlidominus: Needs indominus, incompatible indoraptor
Magnapyritor: Needs dimetrodon at 20, incompatible with Tryostonix
Trykosaurus: Needs Trex to 20 so it is incompatible with Indoraptor
Ankyntrosaurus:Incompatible with Rajakylosauro
Diorajasaur:Incompatible with Tuoramoloch and rajakylosauro
Megalosuchus:Incompatible with gorgosuchus and spinotasuchus. The least powerful.
Gigaspikasaur:Incompatible Stegodeus
Nodopatotitan:Incompatible Stegodeus
Sarcorixis : I could only take him to 17, he would never enter my team.

I will try to create and evolve

Indoraptor : On hold, to get this week
Diloracheirus: Without incompatibilities.
Utasinoraptor: Incompatible with allosinosauro and necessary for utarinex
Utarinex: It is evolution of utasinoraptor with Dracorex. It will be hard to get.
Tuoramoloch: Only incompatible with Diorajasaur. Paramoloch must stay at 20

Possible Final team

For Sure : Indoraptor, Stegodeus, Monomimus
Candidates: Tragodistis, Tryostonix, spinotasuchus, diloracheirus, utarinex, rajakylosauro, alankylosauro,stegoceratops, gorgosuchus, Pyrritator.

Now I know where I should spend my money and concentrate efforts of evolution. I think it’s something important.

Do you think there is any wrong decision?

Diorajasaur is the next step after rajaky so it’s definitely not incompatible. And I would definitely not waste anything on tuoramoloch.

Depending on when the next migration takes place you might find yourself with loads of dimetrodon dna, I have almost 10,000, a level 18 tryostronix and am just waiting on one more level of pyrritator to start fusing magna.

Most of your other ones seem to be pretty smart.

Thank you very much for your comments that are very useful.

Regarding the Diorajasauro, the theme is that I understand that if I decide to evolve it, I should stop the evolution of Rajakylosauro, which seems to me to be a very useful creature. On the other hand, it will take many months at the current rate to get enough Tuajingosauro to be able to evolve it. In any case, it is true that he is the one I most hesitate to include in the “do not create” list. As you comment, if I pass it to the list of creatures to be created, it would be the tuoramoloch that would pass to the “not to create” list.

Regarding the DNA of Dimetrodon, lately I find enough but it would take tons to:

  1. Evolve Tryostonix (to move from my current 19 to 24, for example, I would need about 20,000 DNA)
  2. Evolve to 20 the Dimetrodon (I have it in 10) implies 10,500 DNA
  3. Start creating Magnapyritor with 500 DNA by fusion, which means a minimum of 5,000 DNA more simply to create it.

In addition, Pyrritator depends on the Irritator DNA that is only found in the incubator and would also need many months to get both Irritator DNA.

I guess that more than giving it as “not to create” should mark it as “very difficult to create”

Now I see that in my list of “not create” I forgot the Monolometrodon that, although it seems incredible, I still could not create … although I’m not interested in creating it either :slight_smile:

I will never create alankylosaurus because this is Jurassic World Alive, not How to Train Your Dragon.

everyone hating on dio. 30% armor, 50% shield, 50% distracting it tuff sometimes
and that list should be, “i’ll never create ____ until i get others to level 30”

I see. I guess what I was trying to say is that I’d personally try to prioritize dioraja before tuor, unless you really like rajaky.

Yeah pyrritator depends on the events for the most part but whenever they pop up make sure you dart them for all they’re worth! I see myself not leveling tryostronix past 20 if they don’t buff it in some way as magnapyritor is far better.

I’m in the same boat as you with monolometrodon, think it looks really cool but I’m not leveling it’s components up until it’s buffed.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Megalosuchus, imo. She’s a really solid team member if you get her and level her up to the early 20’s. Granted, that takes away from Gorgosuchus, and splits Kaprosuchus DNA between it and Spintasuchus, but if you see enough to make it less of an issue, its something I might consider. Even in her current state of needing a buff (decently badly), most still seem to underestimate her counter attack. And she can be quite versatile one you learn to play her.

No Allosinosarus??? Lol, she is probably my favorite Dino in the game. Your team will be a shadow of what it could be without her. I see what you are doing, rationalizing what you should, could, or would not do based off of time and effort. That is a defeatist attitude. Reach into the darkest places of your sofa cushions and find the resources you need to get back out there and complete your dex!! You can do it!

Btw, great breakdown and thought process. Well done. But seriously, Allosinosarus deserves better.


Spinotasuchus definitely seems to be the better option though between it and megalosuchus. Especially with the coming nerf to superiority strike, giving rise to the bleeders.

Hello Easy

Allosinosauro is a great dino but the problem is:

  1. I see one or two Sinoceratops per month despite playing more than 5 hours a day.
  2. Now I’ve got enough DNA to raise it to level 15 and I’m over 410 DNA, that is, 8 fusion attempts to choose: Allosinosauro or Utasinoraptor. I must choose
  3. with 8 attempts I could surely get the one I chose and it would be at level 16.
  4. Neither of the two at level 16 would enter my team that is on average 21. My weakest dino is a Tryostonix of 19 that I sometimes combine with a rajakylosauro of 18 that I love.
  5. to get merge any of the two at level 19 I need a quantity of sinoceratops that will take two or three months to get (unless they leave in a weekly event)
  6. when that happens, I will have got the Indoraptor and, perhaps, the diloracheirus and therefore, they would not enter my team either.

Anyway, of course if one day things change and I find enough DNA from sinoceratops for their hybrids to be useful I will merge them. Doing it now would be a useless expense of coins that I do not have and, what is worse, a DNA that is very difficult to obtain.

That’s the problem, Cighal, I have to choose and, as Sean_otoole says, maybe the best option is the Spinotasuchus … but I’m not sure either because it will be difficult for me to evolve beyond 17 … and in 17 I would not enter the team although it would be useful for challenges like last Saturday.

It’s the problem of only having 8 useful dinos. Since some are “sacred” (Indoraptor, Monomimus, Stegodeus, …) there is little space for the rest.

Pyrritator is a great dino that I have in level 17 … but I have never used it and I will probably never use it.

Diloranosaurus is a great dino that I have at level 16 … but I have never used it and I will probably never use it.


that’s why I want to make a proposal to Ludia so that more dinos are useful !!

Well, I do not think I’ll ever reach level 30 because it would take a lot of money (real). Anyway, if I reached level 30 of 8 dinos he would not create other dinos that would never enter the team. I would save the DNA for possible new creatures that could enter the team :slight_smile: