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Creatures that need a rework

Land dinosaurs :
Giganotosaurus (give giga a new rarity and a new model)
Einiosaurus (change it’s attack. It’s weak for a tournament creature)
Eryops (give it more attack)

Aquatics :
Oncopristis (change it’s attack. It’s the weakest aquatic creature)

Cenozoic :
Amphicyon (like Oncopristis one of the weakest super rares)
(make the legendaries stronger. They’re weaker than Therizinosaurus)

Giga: Sure. It could do with it.
Einio: Its a tank. Look at its health. Anything other than carnivores usually have a hard time chewing it out. Its made balanced by its bad attack.
Eryops: Same as Einio

Oncopristis: Once again, a tank.

Amphi: Tank. Again. Plus it makes one of the few Cenozoic Hybrids.
Dipro: You don’t like tanks. Almost all of these have been tanks. They can easily take a pounding, and save reserve points for the balanced/glass cannon. That’s their role.
Uintah: One of the best Legendary Ceno tanks
Megaloceros: Actually a balanced, but almost a tank.

Theizino is the ultimate tank in the legendary class. Its known for that.

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Theri is strong. There are certain dinos that are meat shields, it means that ghey have high life and attack does not matter and they are done to build up reserves. About cenozoics it is sadly true… :disappointed_relieved: and aquas are even stronger than land
Those were my thinkings

dear @Therizino2.0 i dont like you you have so much health at lvl 40 but 300 attack!!! I honestly dont like you (im talking to therizinosaurus not therizino2.0 I just said the dm because hes theri so)

I understood it @mineluissss

haha lol you are a tank

I don’t have anything about their health. I just say they need better attack

That kinda defeats their purpose. Their stats make them great meat shields, which allows your squishy dinos to come in and take down the opponent

Also forgot that Diprotodon and megaloceros need more health. Only 1200 health for a legendary thank isn’t enough

I also would give einiosaurus 500 attack and Eryops something at 600 attack not making them so much stronger

That increases their ferocity by a lot. For every attack point you give, that’s 3.2 ferocity added on

No one mentions Spinosaurus. :confused: Needs an urgent interference. The most satisfying change in the game would be that one for me. I hope they hear my agony on this at some point.


Leedsichthys: Change the model. It just looks wrong.
Every super rare and legendary Cenozoic (tournament ones are fine): They’re even weaker than the Jurassic and Aquatic creatures.

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Agreed looks so derpy, should’ve been a reef aswell.

Also what needs to be changed:

Sinoceratops head is way too small for its body, I dont even want to work on this herbivore because of this reason.

Para gen 2 is such a let down, it needs to have iguanadon model (cory, eolambia and gen 1 para also)

Pteraquetzal : it’s weak for a tourney hybrid. Should at least be as strong as erliphosaurus

Zalmonodon : should be as strong as segnosuchus or metriaphodon for having one of the strongest tourneys

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I don’t see any mention to the worst model of the game, Allosaurus. That guy is one of the most inaccurate creatures. It is also one of the most famous dinosaurs so it definitely needs a higher rarity .

He has a hybrid…

Because we will probably get the battle at big Rock allosaurus soon probably as a gen 2. Besides allosaurus looks not as bad as giga in my opinion. Allosaurus at least looks kinda realistic

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He HaS Flavio, he has…

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I think that allosaurus is not ugly and it has a hybrid that has a good design…