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Creatures that need a rework

I am not talking about the beauty of Allosaurus but about his accuracy. The head, the body and even the fingers are all wrong compared to the real life Allosaurus. In fact the model of his hybrid is closer to the original creature. Look for example the model of JWA Allosaurus. That is what they should do with JWTG model.

And yes, he has a great hybrid but we are talking about Allosaurus now, not the hybrid he creates…

I’m sure all future ornithopods (Edmontosaurus, Maiasaura and Ouranosaurus) will have the Iguanodon model

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If we went by this pteraquetzal should be stronger than segnosuchus because ptera gen 2 is the highest ferocity jurassic tourney at just over 6k

but technically pteraquetzal has more than double the hp of segnosuchus…

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