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Creatures that need BUFFS not nerfs

Now I know in my last discussion I talked about creature nerfs (posto nerf? Or kapro nerf?) But in this diss cushion etc talk about buffs. Personally I belive that mono and dilo need a buff as well as baryonyx (both gens) and anything using that animation that’s epic or lower.

Stegodeus needs DSR


Tryostronix needs a speed buff, should be faster than Tragodistis.

T Rex speed buff, should at least outclass the Stegodeus.

Magnapyritor health buff. Irritator and Dimetrodon both have more health, don’t know why a unique has its health drop.

Blue health buff. Attack and speed are great, armor and shield for a raptor is great, still too easily taken out for such a popular dino.

Superiority strike should have a cooldown. They tried to buff bleeding attacks but too many dinos have superiority strike or cleansing impact for them to really be a devastating attack.


Tryo needs speed and a pinch of health buff. Disagree with Rex though…the issue there is it’s already a great tank buster. Stegod wouldn’t stand a chance against it if it was faster. Although Stegod has Thagomizer and SS. so maybe it wouldn’t be too awful. IDK I just think there’s too many tank Buster’s to give them such a hand over the tanks especially the best one in the game.

Just tired of facing Stegodeus everyyyy battle and would love to make mince meat out of it. I use it too, only because sometimes the best way to take out a stego is to use your own.

Megalosuchus needs a shield breaking ability and at least 3 more speed, cleansing syrike wold be nice.


Carno-freakin’-taurus. Why can’t they make this thing worth having?


Maybe they could add resilience to each Dino. That way every attack or counter may not work exactly as it should? With this you aren’t completely screwed everytime someone has a counter to your little buddy. I say this only because swapping is still such a negative consequence if you end up with you four slowest Dino’s in a battle.

Brachiosaurus (maybe add counter attack)

Or they could make swap in abilities more prevalent instead of “something for the rejects”.


Monolometrodon swap in defence shattering strike


Imo Gigaspikeasaur should be reworked, it’s moveset atleast.


When there’s something wrong in the Dino world who you gonna call”Tank-busters”


or at least 1050 damage…

I ain’t afraid of no tank :joy::joy:

Give Monomimus instant invincibility for 6 moves with anti nullify and add 10 speed and double its health and attack!

Basically I want to win every game from now on with one dinosaur!

Oh and allow me to create 8 of them!

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Trag needs to drop 3 speed. How the heck is that thing so dang fast?
Gorgo needs adrenaline surge back. I miss it taking out tanks. :frowning:

For giggles, Paramoloch needs swap in stun. Lol (I’m joking)

On a side note. I really think that there should be a way to choose how many fuses you want to do for fusions. I’ve been working on a lvl 21 Anky for days now and its taking forever. Just to get from 0dna to 1500 took me over 20 minutes. I’m currently at 2679/3500 dna.

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  • Trykosaurus needs at least a speed buff, right now that dino is only good at scaring unsuspecting players who are unfamiliar with her stats

  • Monostegotop needs a health or damage buff, she pales greatly in comparison to Monomimus, not to mention her stats are lower than Stegoceratops’

  • Tuoramoloch needs a damage buff, like what on earth happened to her?!


i was so happy to unlock her and have two uniques on my squad!

she was off an hour later.

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She has decent movesets but the stats make me want to cry :sob:

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