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Creatures that now need buffs

We’ve heard calls for nerfs on Ardentis, but let’s have a thread for all the many, many creatures that Ludia nerfed in a desperate attempt to make sure the bosses were harder (I’m guessing). And for the newbies who are just awful.

Dracoceratosaurus. Just… Why. It’s a COMPLETE downgrade of DC save for a whopping 2 extra speed and 100 attack. Let’s break this one down to see just how bad it is:

  • At 117 speed, it’s nowhere near fast enough to use the distracting moves on other speedsters.
  • Without armor piercing moves, it can’t do anything against tanks.
  • With such a small HP bar, it loses to to chompers. Distraction won’t help it against a Thor, for instance, who will IC right through it. Not to mention that a HUGE number of dinosaurs can now cleanse distraction, including some other chompers!

Meanwhile, there’s DC with shield breaking moves and an extra 900HP! DC is very clearly miles better than the unique hybrid.

Carnotarkus. Please give her back that extra attack and HP. With the addition of rend resistance, there should have been no reason to give her a nerf.

Utasinoraptor. I’m glad Utarinex got a buff - she deserved it! But not only did Utasino get an attack nerf, she also wound up with two near identical moves. Yet another case of “for the boss raids you may or may not care about”. Please give her the attack back or give her a completely different move. Again, dinos like Tryko can now cleanse distraction, so two distracting moves is fairly pointless.

Spinoconstricor. I was hoping I could use her this time around, but Evasive stance is just utter garbage with the amount of dinos that pierce through evasion (noticing a pattern here? I sure am - it’s all about who has the highest attack with little strategy it seems).


It definitely needs to improve. Despite having better speed control, it is still not enough.


Absolutely. This did not need any nerfs at all, and considering it has zero resistance to anything it needs to be buffed again. There was no reason to nerf it in the first place.


Procera - never thought I’d say that

The hammer was too hard


Rend resistance shouldn’t exist. Just saying.


I miss my anti-tank weapon.


Thor needs its rampage back.


Thor and Tryo got some awesome raid moves, but deserve to be better in arena too, I agree.

Can say the same thing about poor, poor Bajada.

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i can see baja being an annoying little snot in the arena. not much is going to be able to knock it down while it whittles away at whatever it’s facing. Toura does kind of the same thing.

100% an undeserved nerf. Still using mine in Library ATM. The buff it received was 100% on Instant Distract


Spinotah was nerfed for no reason, it was fine before.

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I love how people are now mourning and raging the nerfed creatures whe, just a few days ago, they were screaming for nerfs, Lmao :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I haven’t even read past Dracoceratosaurus and I can already see your mistake…

“at 117 speed, it’s nowhere near fast enough to use the distracting moves on other speedsters.”
It is a cunning creature. It isn’t supposed to be used against other speedsters.

“Without armor piercing moves, it can’t do anything against tanks.”
Resilient creatures hard counter cunning ones so… yeah. It should lose here.

“With such a small HP bar, it loses to chompers.”
T1 - Draco does 2,400 damage (Thor has 1,950 hp left); Thor does 1,225 damage because it is distracted for 50% and no crit chance (Draco has 2075 hp left).
T2 - Thor IC for 850 non crit, more with crit but less than 2075, damage (Draco has 1225 hp left)
T3 - Draco wins with either Cunning Impact or Cleansing Impact.

DC is a fierce creature. You are now comparing apples to oranges.

Unless my math is wrong here, Dracoceratosaurus defeats fierce and loses to resilient just like it should. And cunning v cunning is just a chance to swap out to a resilient.


Gemini seems fine actually.

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right now Im getting triggered by having to fight thylo for the 1000000th time

Gemini is not crap, but not great either. Far behind Maxima now. Deserves to be great considering how hard it is to build.

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Gemini is fine. Ardentis needs a nerf.

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No one talking about monostego lul


Gemini is disappearing from the highest level pvp. Probably not tyrant anymore. I wouldn’t call that fine for such a hard to build creature.

I forgot poor Monosteg. Killed to make room for Monolorhino. Hope it gets new life in future update.


Except with bosses

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