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Creatures that should be Nerfed or Remade

I Think there are a couple of things that should be changed in the game but i want to hear you guys out?
What do you have to say about the game and what should be changed or fixed I want to hear you opinion about Jurassic World Alive.

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Pouk and a lot of flyer hybrids in general need a buff. Here’s my attempt at making Pouk actually viable

The game itself? Well fixing the multiple bugs riddled throughout the game that we’ve known about an eternity would be nice.


I agree I have Poukandactylus at a high level and he sucks big time they need to buff Pouka up!

Things that need a big NERF


2.Wooly Rhino


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Monometroodon should either be nerfed or become an epic because oh my god that thing is annoying as heck!! who agrees with me!!

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Another person wanting Thor to be nerfed? Thor is fine. Speed ​​increases make her a monster. :sweat_smile:


Lol I do agree that Monolometerodon needs a rework to make it counterable (though maybe not a BIG nerf), but now I feel like this is just going to turn into another Monolometerodon thread :joy:

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Sorry stygimoloch i didn’t mean to say thor.thor is perfectly fine i must of accidently wrote it sorr about that.


yeah like a medium nerf

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It’s fine. :sweat_smile:

What Do You Guess Want To Do?
  • Buff Poukandactylus
  • Leave Poukandactylus
  • Nerf Poukandactylus

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Which One Should We Do??
  • Remake Monometroodon
  • Nerf Monometroodon
  • Leave Monometroodon alone
  • Get Rid of Monometroodon all together
  • Buff Monometroodon

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I really don’t like Mono It should either be Remade to a epic or Nerf it!!

because its just to much and don’t get me started if Mono HAS A BOOSTS

If you make it an epic (which would be very unlikely to happen, given that nothing has had it’s rarity changed before) but it was otherwise unchanged, it will be even worse: just as strong, but unlocked even earlier! If you want it to be made an epic and nerfed to that level, why not just nerf it as a legendary?

I think Monolometerodon just needs a rework with some targeted nerfs to it’s distraction resistance and other factors to allow cunnings to better counter it, although it could be buffed in other ways to compensate (as long as it was more counterable than it is now).


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Which one do you want nerfed the most and I am not putting Mono Because i already know everyone would say Mono.
  • 100% Nerf Sarconix
  • 100% Nerf Wooly Rhino
  • 100% Nerf Elasmotherium
  • 100% Nerf Thor Even though I think thor is perfectly fine

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Monolemotrodon and rixis don’t need a nerf


But wouldn’t that be an issue with boosts not the dino? Almost any dino can be op with boosts.

Whoever said Buff Monolometrodon, I wanna have a word with you