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Creatures that you want to be buffed

Was just thinking, what kind of creatures do you want to be buffed. You can make up a couple of new moves that could benefit it.
So these are some of my favourite creatures who I want to get buffed.

Health 4650
Attack 1150
Speed 128
Armour 0%
Crit 5%

Superiority strike
Greater Stunning Rampage
Lethal Swoop
Swerve ( Priority. 75% change to dodge direct damage for 1 turn. Increase attack by 50% for 2 turns. Cool down 2)
Swap in invincibility

Health 3000
Attack 1400
Speed 129
Armour 0%
Crit 5%

Evasive Strike
Nullifying impact
Lethal Swoop
Instant distraction
Swap in Evasion/dodge

All stats stay the same

All moves the same but instant invisibility turns to distraction and distracting strike turns to distracting impact

And finally two creatures that desperately need love

Just revert the stats to after Mono’s first health nerf.

Keep the moves the same

Health 4350
Attack 1350
Speed 118
Critical 20%
Armour 15%

Armour piercing Strike
Ferocious strike
Greater stunning Impact
Lockdown impact.

Love to hear other peoples ideas


Buff sauropods in any way possible. But for starters. Nodopatotitan
5250 HP
1100 attack
40% armor
10% Crit Chance
108 speed

Superiority strike
Cleansing impact
Decelerating rampage
Long protection

Should make him usable atleast


At least give him a 10% crit chance. Giraffe has 20% crit.

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Yeah fair point

I do think that bellow should cleanse

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Agreed, but it doesn’t right now so cleansing impact it is

If only Flyers and sauropods were good.

Yeah. I was really hopeful for Ardontosaurus. It seems decient atleast.

Haven’t got it yet. 10 away from it. Seems decent

I haven’t gotten it either. But I’m working for it. I’ve just seen the stats and moveset

I mean I just unlocked Stgydarex and yes, it is weak for a unique, but it has killed loads of creatures. I time Tryko’s distract/ shield right, bam wound. Tanks are easily killed. Sometimes it erli or indo majorly damages Indo whilst cloak is in use, swap to that and finish it off. I don’t think it is as bad as people think, but then again, I actually made Dimo and Darwez work amazingly on my team, so Stgy shouldn’t be a problem

I really just feel like sauropods are way to weak. And while a game should never have REALISTIC sauropods, becasue that would be op as heck, I atleast feel their attack and health need a major improvement

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Brachiosaurus is decent

But the rest are not. Let’s take the unique sauropod and compare it to Erlikospyx.

I think I’ve said enough

Yeah but it got an attack nerf

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At this point I would rather have realistic sauropod stats than what we have right now.

True dat. Yeah

Like maybe take every sauropod. Throw their speed in the trash. And make them all juggernauts. Believeable attack and health stats.

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THat would be great

What do you think would be realistic for brachiosaurus?