Creatures that you want to be used for a future hybrid

So, i know we all have an idea for a hybrid that we want to see in the game. But recently, after seeing the two accidentally released hybrids, and working on making spare lv 40s for when they do release. I found myself wondering something else…

Which creature do I want to see be used to make a hybrid?
2bh, I have a few in mind. But I am curious about which creatures you’d think deserve to be given the hybrid treatment and why?

I was really excited to see the new hybrids as I’ve been wanting to see a hybrid cat since I got my first Thylacosmilus (still my favorite ceno, I always loved saber-tooths as a kid). Since that’s now been done, I’d be curious to see what kind of hybrid they could make with an Ammonite. Maybe combining it with one of the turtles… no matter what you do, the result would certainly be very unique!

I would also tend to make hybrids that look like mythological animals. Like combining the head and wings of a Kelenken with the body of a Synthetoceras - giving you a hybrid that would look somewhat like a griffon.

I’d love a stronger default legendary hybrid pterosaur as the game seriously lacks good non-shiny pterosaurs, so i’ll say “Shunodon” (Shunosaurus + Pteranodon)
Seriously why doesn’t Pteranodon have a hybrid?


I always thought that, I even had a spare lv 40 pteranodon for a while (that I eventually sold) thinking it might get a hybrid.
But yeah, I think a none shiny hybrid involving pterosaur would be interesting to see. Too bad, there isn’t much none unique jurassic’s that don’t have a hybrid. Which good, sense that makes getting and maxing out nearly every creature in the game worth it.

I want a hybrid with Archaeotherium. It was my first maxed cenozoic, and it is really op for it’s dna cost.

Also, I also thought of a Synthetoceras + Smilodon hybrid a while back, so its cool that they’re actually making it.