Creatures used by the top 50 (Gamepress Article)

Another cool piece from GP. Shows which dinos are used in the top 50 and their frequency.


Ah tomorrow we can expect a nerf seco thread then.


:rofl: or just see them everywhere


Here is the image of anyone is interested

Still tryko seem to keep is his or her(Ik like my self I call my Dino guys sometimes) the kings and queens of this game lol

I think I will make a team with the top 8 to use tomorrow. :grin:

My Team 20200313


I’m surprised trko is used more than Thor or tenotorex tbh especially that every single match I have to fight a thor

At the level I play with my 20-21 teams, Indominus Rex is usually on every team and usually the first dino that gets thrown out.

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IF so… rip IDGT’s Seco :pensive::v:

For a counter attack creature, Tryko has a very strong base attack.

Compared to Dio or Tarkus.

Wish I could level up my Tryko. So hard to get Kentro.


Well I mean it’s counter is kinda weak tho

.5 attack that doesn’t by bass armor, shield not cloak, and entirely depends on trykos damage

Makes sense for it to focus on attack that why it’s considered a chomper instead of pure counter attacker; the counter is just a bounus

True. Hey we need to buff Tryko! Lol


Lol :joy:

Ten dang characters

Glad to see Tryko is still on top, always loved it myself. The way I see it, Ardentismaxima is likely in for a small nerf though. There’s tons of posts here, asking for a Geminititan nerf, but looking at this, it’s quite obvious that if one tower get nerfed, it will be the poor Maxima. The fact that it’s so easy to get DNA for it, and bring it to team level for those top players, plus the fact that it’s picked more often than some very old dinos that are already in those players pool (Magna, Dio, Erli, Thor, Teton, Indo, etc) means that Ludia may quite likely use the “small” nerf hammer on it. Bracing for impact. And wondering if they will use the small or big hammer on IndoGen2 :slight_smile:


Same here lol


One my three favs followed by Diloracherius and Thylacotator

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One of the funny things is I was playing around with secodon already. I found that it was a beast in one of the tourneys, so I started to play around with it. Mine is lvl 24 though not 30. It is a good dino indeed. Without immunity it wouldn’t be this good though, of course.


Tryko beats Ardent and Grypholyth.

It can damage any creature significantly.

Nice! This gives me an idea who i should focus on. :smiley: