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Creatures waiting to hatch


How many creature cards are you sitting on to hatch?

I’ve got mine down from 80 to 57 now. Is that lots or a usual sort of cache of eggs?

Ive been ignoring the prize drops as I was getting too many 7 day legendaries that were just going nowhere - for the past 2 months Ive been saving loyalty points and getting 6 hour hatchers instead to reduce my back log. I felt like a hoarder.

The only problem is, the 6 hour legendaries don’t make hybrids so once I’ve cleared some egg cards I’ll go back to the prize drop as eventually, I’ll need to start on the 7 day legs again

Any tips on this?


I used to try to hatch every card I got. Ha, right.

I now have not quite a hundred cards waiting to hatch, and I’ll bet I regularly trade in about 5 a day in the harbor. Play enough, especially if you grind PvP, and you’ll have creature cards coming out your ears.


Im having a bit of a break from the PvP after the reduction from 9 in the Daily Missions, I used to find that too much and I feel a bit relieved that I dont have to commit as much time, but maybe that is actually the reason my card numbers have gone down!! I didn’t think I got that many from PvP but I win probably 90% of my PvP matches so maybe I did

After the Easter holidays, I might try and play a few more PvP and see what happens.

I NEVER trade in my cards at the harbour!! Im clutching my pearls!!

Well, I have done but about 3 times ever. A few that you can’t make hybrids from would be top of my list so maybe some super rares could go, but I hatch everything, commons I evolve up. Obs.

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PvP is pretty much my main way of playing now. I had the audacity to work hard to level up an Indominus Rex to level 40 because I wanted a film creature, and now PvE in unplayable for me. So PvP is my main go-to for this game, so I have lots of currencies and creatures. The only real hold-up for me is dinobucks and hybrids/tournament creatures. Those creatures you can’t win in the PvP prize wheel, so I have to buy them.

I used to resolve never to trade in cards, but once you get 20-some Gallimumus cards and 15 Dsungaripterus cards, well, some can go. Especially once I get a few of those creatures to level 40.

I sometimes save my common cards for easy speed-ups for daily missions, but not too much.

As I try to say often, there’s no single right way to play this game. People should play however they want. Save your cards if you want. Trade them if you want to. Long & short, though, it does seem inevitable that you will eventually have a big backup of creature cards unless you wallet warrior the dinobuck speed-ups.

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Apparently I have 374 in stock.

This would be one month of non-accelerated hatchery time.

My hatchery plan is as follows:
The first free chamber is used for the lowest level cards. This is to have as much coin generation as possible. At night I drop super rares in.

The other three are legendary plus creatures. These take longer to hatch, so spending a few dino bucks here isn’t bad.

I spent the month of March working on my aquatic cards. This added about 4 million more coins per day to my parks earning.

Yesterday I had good trades and dropped below 500,000 coins. Coins I trade for anything, just to burn them off.

A maxed out dino paddock (9 level 40’s, a 30, 20, and 10) generates tons of coins a day.

The tournament creatures (7 day hatchers) are not all very impressive. Those that I have no use for, are in a que to hatch only for beacon badges.

Since working to make my coin generation crazy, the other items like food, bucks, DNA and loyalty points seem to come in much more quickly.


I am down to only 33 (which I am surprised at). I think this is because of the following.

  • first slot is saved for quick hatches similar to @Potato up above except at night a super rare goes in to be hatched.
  • any trade that comes up for any tournament creature and lower that I have already taken to level 40 or unlocked that is for DNA/ cash/ or ViP points I will trade it.
  • any common, rare, and most super rares that I have when the Tuesday hatch speed up comes I hatch them and either sell the hatch for DNA if the paddock is full or they go to the paddock for coin generation.
  • the last three spots are reserved for anything getting hatched that is longer than a day.

I am down to 9, most of them having 7 days hatching time. For them once the costs for speed up goes below 500 dinobucks I do it. Commons receive a immediate speed up, rares and super rares when the cost is less than 50 bucks. That way I was able to reduce the amount of dinos in my stock from more than 100 to 9.
My heart bleeds if I think of selling a dino at the harbor or for DNA. I am still trying to get as many dinos as possible.

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  • I always have the last 3 slots running with tourney dinos (or in this case 2 Gorgosuchuses because I finally got them).
  • The first slot I usually only use for dinos I need to hatch, like how I’m currently hatching my last Psephoderma since there is a good chance it might be used for the next hybrid.

But I basically have every base-game dino in the game at level 40 so I have no desire to speed up the hatching of my backlog of dinos. Unless Ludia adds more pods or changes the hatching times, I’ll just keep letting it build up.

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Thank you! Why are the 7 day hatchers called tournament creatures?

There’s strategies there I use too, but the only extra one that I use that’s not mentioned is that I synch the 2 of the 3 paid for pods - so I hatch 2 of a kind so I save 25db when they hatch at the same time.

Id love to use speed ups but DB are so precious that I hate using them and I hate sitting waiting a week to hatch even more. I got the Boss 1,500DB mission this time for the first time ever so I treated myself to a gorgo speed up. Like its my birthday or somert.

I put a SR in the free pod overnight too. The day time I use to hatch the commons, rares, SR and 6 hour hatchers. I usually use a 100db speed up as my point where I will cave and speed up unless I don’t have any dinos waiting worth speeding up for

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I think they are called that way because you usually get them as reward when you finish a tournament in dominator league. Which is not correct for hybrids.

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It’s not just the seven day hatch that makes it a tournament creature.
The background combined with the rarity is what makes it a tournament creature.
For instance the standard Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary all have plain backgrounds along with their rarity type:

The the tournament creatures only unlockable through a special event have this background:

The same goes for the hybrids but they have slightly different colors and for each type you need usually at least one ingredient from that rarity so for the tournament hybrids you need at least one lvl 40 tournament creature and they will have the shiny background:


A fine explanation how to differ them from other legendaries, but not really why they are called tournament creatures.

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You unlock them via tournament hence why they are tournament creatures

Also ignoring the fact you can get them through COT but tournament creatures sounds better


True, I should have said “special event such as tournaments or Clash of Titans”, instead of just special events.