Creatures we need - Types

Hi, Ludia, I thinking about types (their count in game) and i think we now need this:


Least one more tournament amphibian hybrid (Ideally 2), one more herbivore hybrid
Reason: there are 3 pterosaurs tournament hybrid, 2 herbivore tournament hybrid, and many carnivores tournament hybrid, but only one amphibian (gorgosuchus)

Rare S-Hybrid
Rare: Herbivre S-Hbrid
Reason: There are: 1 Carnivore S-Hybrid and 1 Pterosaur S-hybrid and one Amphibian S-Hybrid

super rare:
Amphibian S-Hybrid (Actually the most one I need for balance), Pterosaur S-Hybrid
Reason: Already have 1x S-Hybrid for carnivore and Herbivore

We need at least one S-hybrid (Ideally 2) of Herbivore, Amphibian, Pterosaur
Reason: Two Indoraptors - carnivores (very unbalanced situation there)

One more Snow type (Balanced stats)
Reason: There are two cavern, Two savannah, but just one snow

Legendary hybrids
Least one reef hybrid (ideally two), one more cave hybrid
Reasoon: There are two surface hybrids and one cave hybrid

Super rare hybrids
Least one savannah (ideally two) Last one snow (Idely two)
Reason: There are two cavern hybrids

Legendary hybrids
Last one cavern hybrid (ideally 3) Last one more snow hybrid (ideally 2)
Reason, there are 3 savannah hybrids and 1 snow hybrid

Idk, how you decide about adding hybrids Ludia, but you should be ware before your game turn to much unblanced


Agreed, however there are only 2 herbivore tourney hybrid

yep i just realized that and corrected that :smiley:

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and a snake hybrid and sloth hybrid

For that i say Eremoceros and dilophoboa are next

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For the herbivore hybrid wasn’t a giganocephalus hybrid leaked a while ago?

So perhaps an s hybrid of koolasaurus since we need a legendary amphibian s hybrid and a s hybrid for Tropeogopterus

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I’m not tired of repeating it, we need a new snow hybrid

Legendary/tourney reef hybrid is what’s needed the most, currently the highest attack of any reef is henodus I think which is around 1.4k attack, and that’s a vip creature, compare that with dunkleosaur attack and it’s not even close…

honestly we need more reefs but it doesn’t have to have much attack … I doubt anyone will unbalance your team with dunkleosaurus level 40 xd

Nope but currently theres no issues with facing reefs if you have dunkle and meg as they are way op compared to the top reefs.

Same can be said with jurassic side it’s better to face a pachygalo with a metriaphodon or indoraptor than to put a gorgosuchus against it.

look I can defeat dunkleo and megs with kronosaurus in PvEs…

Lol with a lot of attack points yeah, what would be the point in using krono when you could use a better reef?

And if krono had a hybrid even better

with the advantage the attack is halved
so indoraptor and metriaphodon its not a good option like gorgosuchus or other amphibians…

Kronosaurus with advantage using 3 hits almost 5k damage…

But if you wanna use indo or metria its ok too…

I was saying that currently the best way to take out a pachygalo is by not using an amphibian, it shouldnt be this way, same with dunkleosaur best way to take it out is by not using a reef, tylosaur can do a better job of it than kronosaur

@Flavio_Camargo I am not disagreeing with you, I am just identifying areas of the game that currently need work

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yes tylosaurus can but you won’t be able to use it again against caves…

the game needs many areas to be worked on

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You mean reefs? I get that I do, but I would still like a tourney hybrid level reef that had similar stats to dunkleosaur, that would be awesome for me

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and it will be very expensive to get…

Idm I’m prepared for it… :wink:

would you have a level 40?

If it has stats like dunkleosaur no way, not even ready for a level 20 dunkleosaur atm

Would just have lots of level 10s in preparation for any ferocity jumps I do