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Creatures you want to get buffs

With 1.9 (hopefully if nothing goes wrong) around the corner, we’re going to get creature balancing (if we can even call it balancing anymore).
Let’s see the main creatures that the community wants to be buffed and the ones that want to be nerfed. I will start.

Buffed. Stgydaryx, Pteravexus, Ardentismaxima, Koolab, Indom, Postim, Indo

Nerfed. DC, Thor,(small one) Procerthiomimus, (another small one) Utahsino


Buff Tenontorex just a wee bit since it received nothing from the crit nerf.


Tenontorex, because it has lost a lot of bite after the crit nerf. Maybe a swap-in stun like Tenontosaurus has, if it won’t be given any extra attack? Wouldn’t mind if Kapro got an attack buff, but probably not going to happen. I agree on the Ardentismaxima, needs a buff, probably armor.


Lol we both said it at the same time

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Agree with the Buff.
Disagree with the Nerf exept one.


Tenontorex and Pterovexus really need a buff. Even though I don’t have either. Magna needs that HP back.

The only dino that needs a nerf is DC. Even then, an entire kit change (like they did with Sarcorixis) would solve the problem completely.


Buffs-Vexus,stgydaryx,maxima,poor poor majundasuchus,diplovenator,
Fat nerfs- the pig or RAT has everyone calls him


Disagree with utasino being nerfed
Agree thor + draco need to be nerfed. (draco monomimus style)

Buff stygidaryx
Buff unique Croc
Buff tentorex

Bring back dodge to 100%


Another Grypolyth Buff would be nice. It’s very strong, but could be stronger


Buff Pterovexus ,not something particularly in mind
Buff Tenontorex,something like swap in stun
Buff Grypolyth,Swap in Long Protection and in its place Ferocious Strike
Buff Ardentismaxima,not something particularly in mind
Buff Tuaroamoloch,not something particularly in mind
Buff Indoraptor,Abilities overhaul ,even remove the cloak
Buff Carnotarkus, maybe a little Hp
Buff Stigidaryx ,not something particularly in mind

If Boosts persist as it is now
Nerf Draco to the ground, made by two commons
Nerf Thor, abilities Overhaul(not stats)
Nerf Proceratomimus, something that will remove it from High Apex list to the list bellow(small Nerf)

As for lower creatures,i have no idea.I have not played in low arenas for so long time and i do not participate in tournaments at current state.So i have no idea.


Tenotntorex, Indo, Dioraja, Erlikospyx, Stygi.

DC, Procera.

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Agree with Carnotarkus buff.

All other counter dinos have decent health pools so why not my carno boi :worried:


Oh yeah, Carnotarkus needs a little buff. Great dino, but still needs a little extra.


i would love to buff indominus rex!
my idea for an indominus rex buff:
-increase her speed to either 109, 110 or 111.
-replace armour piercing rampage with defense shattering rampage.
-replace armour piercing impact with distracting impact.
-give her 10 to 20% armour
-and MAYBE increase her base attack/damage to 1500, although i don’t think that will be too necessary thanks to cloak and boosts.

i would also like to buff indoraptor by:
-giving him immunity
-replacing cleansing impact with either ferocious strike, or ferocious impact or nullifying impact.

and i would also like to maybe buff erlidominus by:
-replacing rampage with precise rampage
-replacing strike and run with literally any type of impact… impact and run maybe?

Magna(some hp back), Carnotarkus, Pterovexus, Ardentis, Stigydaryx, Koolab, Indo, Posti, Spinonyx, Tenonto, Dogde mechanics.

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Just a little hp buff is enough imo, perhaps 4200.


It shoud have that move that was datamined a while back, I think it was ferocious shattering strike, a basic move. If that move gets in the game it will be perfect for it.


There’s a few I’d really like to see get reworks and buffs. The more creatures that are great, the more we see the Meta improve.

Indoraptor: Total rework. He’s the poster boy and he needs to be good. The dodge nerf was too ridiculous.
~Swap Cleansing Impact for Pounce
~Swap Evasive Stance for Cloak
~Swap Armor Piercing Strike for Cleansing Strike

Stgyidaryx: Partial Rework. Having two swoops is way redundant honestly. It should have instead two ways of doing a swap out resulting in a mind games approach.
~Superiority Strike
~Instant Charge
~Cleansing Swoop
~SIA Invincibility

Pterovexus: What is it really meant to be good at? It’s glassy, and doesn’t do anything very well. It needs to be more cannon than cardboard.
~Nullifying Rampage
~Distracting Impact
~Evade&Swoop(Priority Dodge 100% and apply Swoop DoT)
~SIA Wound
~Bump it to 1170 Damage

Megalosuchus needs that Ferocious Shattering Strike as it’s new basic, and a crit boost to 10%. Right now it’s more like a siberian tiger trapped in razor wire and can’t move

Spinonyx and Pteraquetzal need to be more than stepping stone hybrids. I want to use them as well as paramoloch and utasino can be used. I want them to be viable sidegrades

Ardentismaxima needs a touch more HP, 10% Armor, and/or 30% Critical. Shielded Decel Strike would also be great. I’d take any combination of those and it’d be perfect.

Tenontorex needs something extra. SIA stun possibly?

Indominus should just get 110 Speed, and 10% armor. Doesn’t need a whole lot

And more minor things like give Magna it’s HP back, more Tarkus HP or armor, and stat buffs for base dinos that are not good even in equal level tournaments. They should be useable too.

Excuse the long post, just tired of seeing the same old same old


No erlidominus is too powerful already, and indom and indoraptor are fine. They just need their dodge back.

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You wanna talk about buffs, let’s talk about buffs, but please stop asking for nerfs, c’mon! All the others can stay as they are, especially if they buff others like you’re saying, which would make things more balanced… People have spent countless hours to level them up and especially cash to boost them, which is something we didn’t have before, so now nerfs will be even more harmful!

Even the rat, the reason we complain about it is because of a game mechanics thing. But it doesn’t have to suck. All I ask (and many others) is to make it an actually usable dino in a real fight and end the stupid SIA cheese strategy.