Cretaceous Cult is recruiting

Hi my name is Skeletmann#8340 in the game, I am the Leader of Cretaceous Cult, you can join by requesting on the game or I can be reached on discord, Cretaceous Cult
and I go by Olivesalad#2106.
Cretaceous Cult is looking for new members. Many alliances have lost members due to the instability of the game and/or the pandemic.
Cretaceous Cult is looking for those who want to play, battle and support each other.
Don’t matter what your level is we will help to level up.
Don’t matter if you don’t have an Apex, will beat one together.
So peeps won’t you please join.
Whether you pick this alliance or another, stay safe and enjoy the game.
Awaiting for us to unite!

What tournament and weekly reward levels do you get?
Also how active do you have to be?
Is discord mandatory?

Sorry for the late reply,

Tbh if you are asking to just pop in to request DNA, that’s not going to work.

If you do 4 or 5 out of 7 it’s fine people do have lives.

We do have discord, and we have several who are not on there.

So basically do tournament, participate in alliance missions and communicate.

Thank you for inquiring

Co leader Cretaceous Cult

Would you like me to friend you? Leave name and #. You have mine so may do the request that way if you wish