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The great white of the Cretaceous, this shark prowled the waters hunting prey like Dolichorhynchops or smaller.

Tier: VIP, 20K Creature

Class: Surface


Level 10:
HP - 1047
Attack - 847

Level 20 :
HP - 1575
Attack - 1201

Level 30 :
HP - 1890
Attack - 1754

Max Level
HP - 2195
Attack- 2008

The second VIP surface glass cannon, you can now prowl the waters of the lagoon arena with this beast !

What do you think? Should this shark come out ?

  • Yes!
  • No…

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Sea Monsters is back again, voting time:

  • Tanystropheus
  • Hesperonis
  • Odobenocetops

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That would be tylosaur.

Stats are also pretty weak for vip, great for a tournament creature however.


Edited post, go check out max stats

Still too weak vip ferocity is 9577

Tylos stats are 2873 health 2095 attack.

You could give it thylocosmilus stats which is 2394 2234


I edited his stats again, go check it out


Ricardo Milos stats? :smiling_imp: HP 9999, damage 9999 :joy:


Animal facts

  1. cretoxyrhina could have reached lengths of almost 10 meters
  2. Cretoxyrhina tooth marks have been found on the bones of mosasaurs and xiphactinus
  3. Like mordern sharks cretoxyrhina hunted pterosaurs that came to close to the surface. A tooth of the shark was found in the neck vertebra of a pteranodon
  4. Like mordern sharks cretoxyrhina was probably also a scavenger

Everyone is tied :joy:

Fun fact: The Dolichrohynchops In National Geographic Sea Monsters has one of its teeth stuck in its flipper

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He fed on every he could have got. It’s tooths have even been found on a ankylosaur and a hadrosaur

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And that Doli returned 82 million years later to tell its story

Hey hesperonis isn’t a sea Dino
It’s just a swimming bird

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I’m taking all creatures from Sea Monsters so Hesperonis will be included as it was in the show

Whether they made brief cameos or not ( like Coelophysis ) I will still make files for them @Yerru_Lakshmi