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Crimson coregutter collection

Getting collectibles for the crimson goregutter collection is hard enough. I need 45 of one of the collectibles. I send my dragon every day but in the last 3 weeks I haven’t once gotten the one collectible I need. At this rate, it’s going to take years to finish the collection. Can’t you please just make it a little bit easier? Why can’t I get at least one of each collectible per week? Then I at least know I can finish it after a year or just under. It’s so disheartining right now. Thanks!

Are we talking about the ‘purple urchin’ looking thing that ‘only’ Purple Death can find? If yes… yeah, I agree, that one is badly screwed up; it seems like Ludia is intentionally weighting it to make it nearly impossible. (I’m only at 36 of 45, myself, and I think I literally got half of those before CG even existed.)

I don’t know if it helps, but I saw someone else suggesting to fill out but not collect all of your other collections, that this supposedly increases the chances that card packs and seasonal statues and whatnot will give you the necessary item.

The collection advise works from what I observed so far. I never get a piece for a collection from statues or packs after I collected all those that I needed. Only sources of “overflow” collectibles are John’s boat and what the dragons bring back. Also using your Odin coins on the treasure pack might help with filling those up faster as well.

Thanks. Yes, the purple urchin thingy. I’ve also only got about half the ones I need from Johan’s boat. They always cost at least 1000-5000 runes. I only buy them when they are available for fish or wood. It’s just frustrating that the different collectibles aren’t more evenly distributed. I keep getting loads if tge ones I don’t need.
I have been trading in some of my other collections but I will stop doing tgat as you and someone else suggest because I have been noticing the same thing - that you might be more likely to get them from the statues. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks! Yes, I have used the Odin’s coins pack a couple of times. Once my other collections are filled a bit more, I think I’ll grab a few more. I’ll save up some more Osin’s cojns in the meantime. Thanks for the suggestions!

Oh, and the other thing is, I have one collectible I need to collect from Toothless explorations. It takes a minimum of 10 hours and I only get one of the collectibles I need about once a week if I’m lucky - even with 3 exploration bags - and if there are special explorations for dragons I don’t have, it takes even more time. Very occasionally I might be rewarded with 3 in one bag but still sooooooo disheartening that it takes so long. Four years playing this game and the longer I play, the harder it is

They do occasionally show up for wood/fish. Note that they are not worth 5k runes. Don’t ever spend more than 2k for them, because they don’t reduce the cost to complete the collection using runes by more than that amount. These will definitely show up from statues and whatnot on occasion.

I’ve bought a couple of these when they were 1.5k runes or less, but for the most part, my rule is to not spend runes with Johann. OTOH, any time he offers something for wood/fish, buy it, whether or not you need it.

I’m guessing you don’t have Snoggletog Toothless? That seems to make a significant difference; I get collection items close to 50% of the time, even from one bag. With four (yeah, I’m a Rider), the chances of getting a collection item are, more often than not, quite high. (I’ve noticed it also depends on the exploration. 30 minute explorations, especially the ones for special collections, have a much lower chance of getting an item.)

Ooooooh. Thanks for that. We really think alike! I buy everything that’s for sale fir fish and wood even if I don’t need it. I never use runes but was also contemplating buying 1 or 2 items for about 1 to 1.5K if they came up. I’ve been using the blue alpha costume for most of the time to reduce search time. Just this morning, I changed to Snoggletog to do the new exploration. On the first search I only got wood and fish but I’ll persist for a few days since you’ve had better luck! Thanks for the advice!!

Hi robocat3, Thanks for the tip on the Snoggletooth costume. It does increase the frequency with which I get a collectible but now I notice that I only get 1 collectible each time. When I was using the blue alpha costume, I woukd get the collectible less frequently but would get 3 collectibles in a single bag each time. I’m going to go back to the blue alpha. Maybe this also helps you? Curious if you’ve had the same experience?

I haven’t done enough searching with Blue Alpha, and anyway, Ludia broke their servers so that I can’t play at all right now. My experience, however, is that the number of collectibles depends on where you search. Longer searches are more likely to bring back multiple collectibles in a single bag, and especially for special even searches, I sometimes get two or even three bags with collectibles.

Try sending Toothless to different places to get the items. That works for me.