Crimson Gorecutter

I finally got the Crimson Gorecutter, which I’m super excited about. I don’t see a cinematic version for it, and I don’t see a collection associated with it. I do see those things with the other legendary dragons. Has anyone heard if those things will be added in a future update?

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No, there is no collection for it. As the description says, it helps the others by finding any of the objects they can find, so it makes it easier to fulfill their collections. The great pro about this legendary dragon is the amount of raw amber you get everyday, the con… It takes 24 full hours to finish his duty, which is quite sad : (

Thank you. I agree with your point about it taking a full day and hope they consider having it take 22 hours. I hope they also make a cinematic version like they have for the other legendary dragons.

Ugh, yes, please. 22 hours is pretty standard; lots of other things happen at 22 hour intervals. 24 hours is crazy obnoxious because it winds up drifting every day. 22 hours makes it possible to collect at about the same time every day with some allowance for being a bit late some days without completely messing up the schedule.

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