Cringe indoraptor rework

I reworked Indo G1 to be a fierce and to be slightly above legendary power but isn’t end game worthy!

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Ehh it needs some distraction right? Also it cant cleanse anymore :frowning:

It has pounce. Why should it have cleanse when now it’s almost completely immune to the debuffs of resilient creatures?

Dot, that is a big prob for me when i use indo

Or more like a thing that i know im not screwed with if i get it

This version is fierce orientated. So it shouldn’t be able to clear dot. The current Indo has cunning strike on top of a cleansing impact, I think it’s unnecessary.

Hm okay, not sure i think this indo would be great anyways, no rampage

Pounce is a rampage

Other than pounce which isnt armor peircing or sheild

It also has PSFs and revenge cloak. That’s how it does it’s damage

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