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Cringing thought: Dracocera Unique

A unique made from Dracoceratops DNA


Why do you think they haven’t really nerfed it yet?


I have been wondering that for sometime. It is going to be a nightmare from hell. Impending doom for arena.


I have some ideas on now to make it even more ridiculous. Out of respect for everyone tho, I will not post in the forum. Never know what suggestions Ludia will use.


Dracosuchus (Kapro + Draco) would probably be a nightmare.


Dracognathus - “the flying rat”

Uses Scaphognathus DNA.

The speed up attack is swapped out for a pinning strike and the unique creature gains a swoop attack.

The model would be mostly Scapho with the Draco head


Naw just give it a swap in pinning rampage and swap out regenerating lethal swoop.

Then people could say just play a full team of immunes as they counter it.

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That’s inevitable of course it will get a unique. It’ll probably be better than it’s unique too. Look at monomimus it was so good until it got a unique and the unique isn’t as good as monomimus was.


I’m sure it’ll be underwhelming. Swap-In Stun most likely.

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Dracocera + T Rex

Has the chomping power and the swap in attack. Lol plus the regen. Has a Dracocera head plate with the horns.

Dracocera + :turtle: = draconemys

Has swap in shattering devastation.

Or just swap in kill 4 creatures.


I think if they do. They should rebuild from the ground up. Go to rat jr and change it. No more swap in 2x rampage trash.

Or just make a unique of it that can do swap in virus. Where it gives your phone an infectious virus and one shoots your whole dinodex. Now you can’t play jwa anymore.

Then no one will be able to play because the game runs on one server which is linked to everybody around the world. It will spread and kill everyone’s phone.

I don’t think it should even get a unique. It should be deleted from the game xD deleted lynx



Rarity: Unique

Genetic Makeup: Dracoceratops + Scaphognathus

Hp: 4200
Attack: 1000
Armor: 0%
Speed: 125
Crit Chance: 5%


Minimal Speedup Strike
Lethal Swoop
Dig In

Swap in Lethal Impact (deals 1.5x damage and applies .33% DoT for two turns)


Swap in Bleed. Dig In. Bleed Swoop out? NOT COOL :rage:

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Swap in bleed that ALSO does damage, to rub a little salt into the wound :wink:

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It’s so nasty I love it. Too bad about all the immune and cleansing stuff running around, huh?

True lol, but imagine if Rat got dig in instead of regenerate

That would be a nightmare. Which surprises me because Dracocera is descendant of Triceratops. It should have that gay looking swap in and stun move.