Crisis Lines and Resources


We know it can be hard to find the right kind of support when you’re going through a tough time; whether it’s from bullying, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or anything else that seems insurmountable in the moment. We want all our players to be safe and know they are not alone. Below we have listed some safe links and numbers. All of these are free and totally confidential.

If you are worried about a fellow member or someone else in your life please forward them these links. Let them know there are other options. We have also included resources and information links.

Crisis Lines:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Canada and USA: 1-800-273-8255

Kids Help Phone Canada: 1-800-688-6868

Crisis Line Canada: 1-866-996-0991

HopeLine USA: 1-919-231-4525

International Hotlines: Links to suicide crisis numbers from all over the world by Country

Resources and Information:

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
Information for those considering Suicide and those who have recently lost someone to suicide and need help

NEDIC Information on Eating disorders and links to helplines

(update 19.10.2018)



Well said and shared. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s sweet and kind that you add this here. It’s always a good idea to keep those numbers around. Thanks!


@J.C, the information provided is welcomed and hopefully will be of use to those who would benefit from it. It appears that this post is for the northern portions of North America. For those in other areas of the globe, is similar information available that would be local to that area? If not can that be reasonably done?


Wow the amount of respect for your company has just gone up from me.


Hey PaulJWA-NB, this is why we included a link to a website that has already accumulated international numbers. They index these numbers and resources by country so our global community has somewhere to turn, not just people in North America.


Thanks, I missed that.


I completely agree. I already felt like they’ve done a good job of community support, but now its like… well lets just say I’ll be playing these games for a while.


wow…been in game forums for years…literally, this is the first time i’ve seen this issue addressed in a game forum…but, especially with young players, these are very real issues, and I applaud the mods for addressing it so clearly.


Well said but should be global as I’m in the uk exeter england and we have so many playing this game to that have issues all over the world but well done n thank u for supporting ur fellow americans canadanians etc etc xx


Add the uk numbers in as well


@Kristen_Jackson_Roe @Ashton_Wills there are international numbers listed, we didn’t want to alienate anyone who needs help.

International Hotlines : Links to suicide crisis numbers from all over the world by Country


Im impressed the Ludia teams care this much for its players. Its very refreshing to see this kindness :slight_smile:


• United States—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—1 (800) 273-8255
• United Kingdom—Samaritans Helpline—08457 90 90 90
• European Union—Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Veterans Crisis Line—00800-1273-TALK (8255)

Here are some more numbers that may be useful to some. Reach out! Get help! Thank you Ludia for caring about your people❤