Crisis Lines and Resources

I sure hope this info came from the heart :heart:, and not because your legal department said you had to after reading your monetization plans. Knowing full well that if someone already suffering from depression and/or addiction gets hooked they’ll be needing these numbers. Oh well, even if you’re just CYA’s, at least it’s handy to those who might need it.


Definitely from the heart. I’ve worked moderation for a very long time so I made sure this was included with the launch of the forums back in February 2018.


Thanks for trying to help. Personally, none of this relates to me, but thanks for trying to help make a better community.


Thank you for the contact numbers.

Muito bom todo esse sistema do fórum!
A equipe está de parabéns!

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Thank you for your post. I have been in the hospital recently. This was the worst yet. What stopped me was making a promise that I would talk to someone first.I keep my promises. To the point that in so doing so I suffered. All I can say is reach out to someone and talk if you can’t to family or friends then use the numbers provided. The feeling and thought are not true! Please believe me. As much pain as I went through It isn’t worth your life!

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Please remember, that life is a surprise. Don’t give up, because you can just become the richest man or anything can happen to you right this moment. Let life end when it’s done with surprises.


Thank you.


Ty for all the information

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What about Brazil?

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Can it be used for India


@Manoel_Trindade @Abs_SAURUS

The international hotlines have numbers listed by countries, both Brazil and India are listed there.

International Hotlines : Links to suicide crisis numbers from all over the world by Country


Thank you Ludia for the awareness this is stuff that does need to be strict on I suffer for and everyone who has it the worst you’re not alone we all feel you good job Ludia


Thanks always nice to have these numbers around

Well done very surprised to see this information in a game oriented environment but extremely pleased. Two thumbs up :+1::+1: