Crit rate


Do we know if the crit stat % is accurate in descriptions?

I thought I’ve been extraordinarily unlucky this week, and just for kicks I decided to test it out by recording stats for fights over the last 3 days. So far, due to annoyance, I only tracked the various raptors but of all the player-used Raptors I’ve come across in arenas over that time period the crit rate (excluding the ones that are buffed, such as Utahraptor) was over 50%. This is for both Pounce and Strike, as well as API for Pyroraptor.

I understand probability and percentages, but nearly a full week of effectively every second hit against me (and more than 5% when I use them too) just seems to be too much for bad luck. Is it possibly it’s been mis-typed?


That’s actually surprising, and sounds like awful bad luck. From my own experience, I’ve never actually kept track of crits but they always seemed quite accurate for me. I’ve seen raptors Crit, certainly more than once, but a 5% Crit change means 1 out of 20 attacks should be a crit, and I think that is more or less what I’m experiencing, both from my own raptors and from opponents. And most of the time those crits aren’t useful at all - either a crit on a finishing off strike (you would have killed the opponent regardless) or on a Pounce, one-shotting the opponent and becoming vulnerable for next round because you can’t begin with Pounce. One-shotting with a raptor actually tends to be bad.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents, from my experience crit rate seems accurate.