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Crit reduction not working

Bug Description: several creatures (for example Magnapyritor) are said to have 50 and 75 % crit reduction, but every time cunning critical chance removing attacks are used against them, their critical chance always drops to zero.

Area is was found in: Battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Attack or get attacked with a cunning attack that normally has 100% critical chance removal.
Step 2 - Watch the critical chance drop to zero.
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - Profit or suffer

How often does it happen: 100/100 times.

What type of device are you using: iPhone and android tablet.

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Since Cunning Attacks remove Crit Chance by 100%, a 75% resistance to it would only deduct its Crit reduction by 25%. Since Magma only has 20% Crit Chance, therefore 20-25, and hence results in 0% Crit Chance

It seems to be calculating crit reduction wrong. It seems to be something like (crit chance - (crit reduction - crit resistance)). So if something with 40% crit chance has a 50% crit reduction resistance and it gets hit by cunning strike, that’s (40% - (100% - 50%)) = (40% - 50%) = -10% crit chance (i.e. 0). I’m not sure exactly what the formula should be, but basically they’re subtracting the crit reduction from the crit chance rather than multiplying the base crit by the reduction…

The only dinos with 75% crit chance resistance are the Indoraptors, but even they don’t benefit, because their base crit chance isn’t high enough. (20% - (100% - 75%)) = (20% - 25%) = -5% (again, basically 0). And currently increasing crit chance doesn’t help, because the only attacks that reduce crit chance (cunning attacks) also remove crit increases.

Like for the Magna example above, I feel like it should be (20% crit chance × (100% - (100% crit reduction - 75% crit reduction resistance)) = (20% crit chance × 75% crit reduction) = 15% crit chance (with crit chance capping out at the base crit chance, not increasing in cases where crit reduction resistance > crit chance). So that formula would be (crit chance x (100 - (|crit reduction| - crit reduction resistance)). But even that doesn’t work 100% of the time.


I did find a formula that seems to work though! It’s (base crit% x (100% + (crit reduction% - (crit reduction% x crit reduction resistance%)))).

So for 20% base crit with 75% resistance, it’s (20% x (100% + (-100% - (-100% x 75%)))) = (20% x (100% + (-100% - (-75%)))) = (20% x (100% + (-25%))) = (20% x 75%) = 15% crit chance.

And it works with non-100% crit reductions too. (20% x (100% + (-50% - (-50% x 75%)))) = (20% x (100% + (-50% - (-37.5%)))) = (20% x (100% + (-12.5%)) = (20% x (87.5%) = 17.5% crit chance.

Seriously, try it with anything, and it seems to work. Full immunity, no immunity, 50% crit reduction resistance, any crit reduction%… Basically any combination of crit reduction% and crit reduction resistance% gives a satisfactory result. You don’t even need to set cutoffs (e.g. any crit chance below 0% counts as 0%).

This way stuff with crit chance resistance actually have their crit chance reduced by a lower percentage, like how having 50% speed decrease resistance means that you only have your speed reduced by 25%. So it should put crit chance decrease in line with the other debuffs again.


It’s a pointless ability. Just like taunt.

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Lol taunt resistance is worse, because at least with 0% resistance you know who you’re targeting. With any resistance between 0% and 100%, you don’t know if you’ll target the taunter or the normal target. So having no taunt resistance is practically better than having 75% resistance, because you can at least strategize your attack. The two dinos with taunt resistance between 0% and 100% (Ardontosaurus and Geminititan) should just get full immunity or lose their resistance entirely.

Having 50% crit reduction resistance may be pointless, but having 50% taunt resistance is actually detrimental.


@Ned , would it be possible to confirm with the devs if crit reduction/crit reduction resistance is currently working as intended, since any crit reduction resistance below 100% doesn’t do anything? Even if it isn’t broken from what the devs intended, it sure FEELS broken when your Indominus Rex with 50% crit reduction resistance still gets it’s 30% crit chance reduced all the way to 0% after getting hit with cunning strike. It has 50% crit chance resistance, so shouldn’t it’s crit chance only get reduced by 50% (100% crit reduction from cunning strike × 50% crit reduction resistance = 50% effective crit reduction) to 15% (not having 50% crit chance subtracted from it’s base crit chance, like how it seems to be currently working)? All the other debuffs multiply the base stat by the reduction percentage, but for some reason crit reduction seems to be the only debuff that subtracts directly from the base stat. Should it not multiply the base stat by the debuff as well?

If the interaction is not working as intended, would you mind sharing this formula? I think it checks out as a way to properly calculate the effective crit chance following any crit reduction % with any crit reduction resistance (at least in a way that’s more consistent with the way that other debuffs work).

(Note that “crit reduction %” is a negative number)

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Hey Mudkipz, I’ve forwarded this to our team. I’ll try to provide an update once I get more info.



Any update? We’re still waiting

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Let me poke our team again, @Arvid. :mag:

Update: no new information to reveal yet, but please keep an eye out on the forum’s announcement. :slight_smile:


We might get something in 2.6, it would just be nice to know if they plan on addressing this at all.

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Let’s cross our fingers and claws

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@Ned Adressed it was! 100% resistance or 0%. At least it skips a useless animation.:man_shrugging:t2:

Eh, kinda. From what I can tell the real issue was in the calculation itself, not the resistance values. They fixed it in the sense that they’re only using the two crit chance resistance values that were calculating correctly (100% and 0%), but the actual formula in the code is still broken. I guess now they can never add another dino with any crit chance between 0% and 100% again :man_shrugging:. It’s way better than it was, but what they did is basically masking a still broken system.

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Yup😅 Just going with the laziest/easiest solution. Maybe they’ll spend more time developing the system later though

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