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Crit resistances and crit reductions bug

Crit resistances has no purpose or is broken, cunning attacks are known to do 100% crit reduction which will reduce the crit chance to 0%, but some Dino’s with a crit resistances still get a 0% crit chance when crit reduction is applied, so say we are looking at a tryostronix, which has a 20% crit chance and 50% crit resistance, gets hit with a cunning attack, the cunning attack does a 100% reduction but tryo should be getting 50% due to his resistance, so if you do the math it should have a 10% crit chance from that one hit, but right now version 2.0.48, the most recent update, the crit resistances do not work and still give all Dino’s which have it a 0% crit chance from a cunning attack, even when it should be giving the right resistance accordingly.

How often does it happen: Every time a crit reduction attack is in play

Ludias math is different. After reduction Tryo has 20% - 50% = -30% = “0%”


Yes I totally understand, that’s called a static change, what that means is that it always assumes that it’s at 100% crit chance, so 50% - tryo’s 20% crit chance is going to equal 0% crit chance, but then that same question comes up again, what’s the point of a crit resistances when the crit reduction attack is always going to reduce it to 0% crit chance?

That certainly seems to be the real issue with Crit resistance. Either Ludia needs to increase crit rates for this to work as intended or it needs new math.

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