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Crit week idea

This my idea for a custom week the Crit week face of against creatures with high crit chance

Monday and Tuesday: Amphicyon Ophiacodon Tardosaurus: 27 attempts

Wednesday and Thursday: Andrewsarchus Marsupial lion: 19 attempts

Friday and Saturday: Allosaurus gen 2 Megistotherium Thylacotator: 9 attempts

Sunday: Erlidominus Thoradolosaur: 1 attempt

Do you like this week
  • Yes I like this week
  • No I don’t like this week

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Ask for any comments or questions and what’s your custom week


I’m iffy about it. Overall it’s decent, just lose the Thor and it would be a bit better.


10 characters

It’s already one of the easiest to get Uniques, and with it now being out at least once, do we really need another try with it? Like I’m fine with the occasional unique, but occasional only.


I think it’s best to limit uniques and legendaries to holidays, anniversaries, special events, etc


What you mean why? It’s a great idea

I was talking to Cheeseeater

Oh sorrrrrryyy

Lmaooo its his post why would he say why to himself XD