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Criteria for Mini-Boss?

Hey all!
I got the duty „defeat 7 Mini-Bosses anywhere“ and I played two repeatable quests and one exploration (level 21 in Hooligan Timberlands) and after that I were at 3/7 Mini-Bosses.
And there is my question: level 21 contained 3 Skullcrowns and 1 Torch and I‘m very sure that Torch was counted as Mini-Boss (if not there might be a bug that Mini-Bosses from exploration are not counted?). But the Skullcrowns were not counted, even though they had (what I call it) a „big spirit bar“. I thought that I recognize Mini-Bosses through this bar but that seems not to be true or there are several stages of the „bigness“ of the spirit bar. So how do I know which dragon is a Mini-Boss?

Hey Bee, our FAQ here might help:

If you have any concerns regarding the duty tracking, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key.

There is on criteria how to differentiate between elite and mini-boss dragons … I thought a mini boss had a longer health (and spirit) bar but that is obviously wrong as the Skullcrowns in level 21 all had long health bars (and spirit bars of course).

I dont believe the game counts every dragon with spirit as a mini boss which is what you implied with that link

For sure, if the bar is short (3 tiles long) and contains health and spirit it‘s just a normal dragon. But I‘m talking about dragons with a long bar (at least 5 tiles long).

Before a battle, the middle dragon that is displayed on the menu where you adjust your team would be the “mini-boss”. :smiley: It can also be a “Boss” as well. I hope that helps!

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Okay, so other dragons with long health bars are just normal dragons that are easier to hit! Thanks!

And I have to correct myself, the bars are not 5 tiles long but longer than „normal“ ones, here is a picture with Axewing the Second Mini-Bosses that have a longer health bar: