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Critical alliance updates/fixes


As the leader of an alliance in jwa for some time now, I wanted to be sure you (ludia) understand our pain points. These, i feel, are absolutely necessary for alliance to succeed and need to be implemented in the short term. Some alliances are great and survive without the need for these things, but most will require more maintenance.

  1. Fix chat.

We shouldn’t be forced to a third party app to communicate.

  1. Fix donations.

I shouldn’t have to look at my alliance list to see if they are currently in my alliance or not. It also shouldn’t take ages to load the names, nor should requests show up when already filled. But they should show up if they can be donated to, and right now oftentimes thats not the case without restarting.

Its all broken, and needs fixed.

  1. As a leader, I need stats.

Whos donating. How much. How much have they received. When is the last time they were online.

  1. Invites/kicks

Either only leaders can do this, or let me assign officers.

There are a LOT of other qol nice to have things, but these MUST take priorty. People are rightfully getting impatient, and I cant properly do my job as alliance leader without these things fixed and in place.

Thank you.


Well said. Really wish Ludia devoted a little more of their staff, or hired a couple contracted devs just to catch up on fixing all the glitches that get ignored. This is such a great game and really has (had?) potential to take off but it seems to get such bad publicity due to the poor customer service by Ludia.

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Well said, ludia seems always to rush things or being very lazy, everytime they intoduce new things there are always huge problems. They could wait some time to release alliance but with all these improvements. Same with strike towers, they are great but they can’t cove event spwns or eat dino inside. C’mon ludia make things properly and not just half of it. A PROFESSOR COULD SAY ABOUT YOU: The student Ludia could make great things, has good ideas but he is just too lazy

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Everybody is a guest today, apparently.


Restarted the app. Now I’m looking at requests that aren’t filled but they’re filled.


Not critical but something to put on the To Do list:

As a member I would like to be able to view the daily missions of my fellow alliance members. If someone keeps requesting, I would like to know if they are actively playing or just casual. Are they sitting back requesting or out there darting every day? There is a huge difference in spinning 5 SD a day and 50 or how much DNA they collected.

It would could create some much-needed intra-alliance competition. “How many darts did you fire off today?” “What percentage of bulls-eyes?” It also might quiet down the ‘I lost 20 battles in a row today’ folks. We can see just how many battles they actually played that day.


And I yesterday saw this

Fixed only with restarting game

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