Critical chance stat is useless


I played 4 battles continuously, didnt get a single critical hit. But opponent dinos get critical hits all the time.
For example i played t rex, didnt get a single critical hit. But when opponent played t rex, there were three critical hits consecutively.

Please explain how it works…


Seems you just had a bit of bad luck. Crit chance is 5% for both you and your opponent (30% in the case of Rex). I’ve hit with as many crits as I’ve received.


Was working same for me. But after the update, i feel that they broke something with respect to this.


I feel you. I did a test run when I thought I was being the target of far more critical hits than 5% stated. After a week, I was definitely right - I was being crit almost at a rate of 50%, not 5%, but in the end it probably was just a string of bad luck.


Bad rng, my dude. I get that every now and then, even with my Rex. Just keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll get that sweet crit :wink: